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Beanie has been Adopted!
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Breed:Spaniel / Australian Shepherd Mixed:yes Gender:Male Age:Senior Notes: altered, hasShots, specialNeeds
Additional information
Beanie is a 16-year-old neutered male with a cute underbite. He's 42 lbs. and is a little "long in the back and short in the leg". In August, 2010, we found a tumor behind his left front leg. Thankfully, it was a lypoma (a fatty tumor), but the vet recommended that he have it removed since it's "in a nasty place" and will hinder the leg's mobility as it gets larger. On October 15th, 2010, the tumor was removed, plus he had a needed dental then also, after a blood panel indicated all was normal. (Thank you so much, Gerry, for sponsoring Beanie's bloodwork and surgery!) Beanie has been well this past year and still rules the roost. He is available only as a Sponsor Dog because of his age and length of time he's been at FFL (over 14 years). Please see our Home Page for information about our Sponsor Program; we need faithful sponsors! UPDATE Nov. 2, 2011: The tumor behind his left front leg has returned, but thankfully is just a little higher so that it is not inhibiting the movement of the leg. Right now we're just watching; because of his age, we really don't want to put him under anesthesia unless absolutely necessary. UPDATE January 17, 2012. It's necessary! The tumor that was removed today is malignant and orginated in the muscle tissue of his ribcage, and the vet had to go deep to get it all. He's got a long incision and is on cephalexin (antibiotic) and Tramadol and Rimadyl for pain. UPDATE January 19th: Beanie came home today and immediately seemed much better! He's still not eating well, but has still got to be feeling pretty painful. UPDATE January 22nd: Beanie is much perkier today and ate well last night; had his bandage changed again (see picture). UPDATE January 25th: He got part of his bandage off today, so we headed to the vet. Instead of rebandaging, the drainage tube came out- yahoo! Beanie has been getting the homeopathic remedy Arnica- for bruising and swelling- since his surgery, and the vet is very impressed with how GREAT the incision looks (although she is well-known for her surgical skill also!). He ate well this evening and is moving as if he has no pain at all! (Thank you, Rena, for helping with the cost of this surgery!) UPDATE February 1st: The staples came out today and Beanie is doing great! Hopefully the tumor won't come back, but if it takes another year to do it, we'll be thankful!
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Friends for Life Inc. Location: Lewisburg, WV, US
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