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Roamie has been Adopted!
149.84 mi.
Breed:Coonhound / Boxer Mixed:yes Gender:Female Age:Senior Notes: altered, hasShots, specialNeeds
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Roamie and her littermates Juliet and Regal (who passed away earlier this year, 2013)) were so starved at 6 months of age that they could not stand for more than a few seconds at a time. The children of the family who had the pups said that their uncle told them they had to starve them to "make them good hunting dogs". It's horrible that this completely false and cruel belief is still very much alive. We took the three pups that day, and they were all 40% under weight. But they were survivors, and they are beautiful dogs now. Roamie is 15 years old and very shy and is available only as a Sponsor Dog. She was a bit mopey back in March and not eating as well as usual, so to the vet we went.A spinal x-ray showed a pretty good amount of arthritis along her entire spine. We started her on Rimadyl for the arthritis and the change was almost immediate! She perked up and has been eating well since. She also has been on Theophylline for her lungs but we've got her at a once-daily dose now that has stopped the coughing. She's doing well. The first picture is recent (July 2013); the other two are several years ago! Please see our Home Page for information on our Sponsor Programto become a much-needed Sponsor, or email for more information.
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Friends for Life Inc. Location: Lewisburg, WV, US
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Friends for Life Inc.
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