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Gumpy has been Adopted!
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Breed:Whippet / Doberman Pinscher Mixed:yes Gender:Female Age:Senior Notes: altered, specialNeeds
Additional information
Gumpy has been with us since 1996. (The photo of her standing in the grass was obviously taken a few years ago!) On January 4th (2011), she was at the vet's for a senior exam and bloodwork. She weighs 43# and, as the vet put it "looks pretty good for her age". Her teeth are worn down because she's been a "rock chewer" most of her life, but otherwise are in good shape. She is hard of hearing and is also losing her sight- but she doesn't let anything slow her down; she's still active and loves to grab a blanket and "shake the stuffin's out of it"! Gumpy has a lypoma (fatty tumor) on her right shoulder that appears to have gotten a little larger recently (hence the visit to the vet) but it doesn't bother her, so the vet suggested we just leave it alone for now. Unfortunately, her bloodwork showed an extremely high liver value, called "alk phos" for short, the highest level our vet has ever seen. (The vet repeated her bloodwork a week later to make sure it wasn't a lab error, but it came back the same). The rest of her bloodwork is within the normal range. She was x-rayed and had an ultrasound on Jan. 24, 2011 that showed a very enlarged liver. The vet aspirated the liver, and lab results are that the mass in the liver is an adenoma, or benign tumor. The vet feels that this is probably why she still feels pretty well so far. Gumpy continues to do well and still feels good enough to be the Alpha Female she's always been. She eats better with a little canned food added to her bowl of dry, so she gets that every day, plus fish oil and "VetriScience" liver Supplement per the vet. Gumpy is not on a special diet at this time, but the liver supplement is $20.80 per month. If you'd like to help this sweetheart senior girl, please see our Home Page for info about our Sponsor Program. (Gumpy is available only as a Sponsor Dog because of her age and health.)
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Friends for Life Inc. Location: Lewisburg, WV, US
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Friends for Life Inc.
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