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Dracula has been Adopted!
41.04 mi.
Breed:Doberman Pinscher / Weimaraner Mixed:yes Gender:Male Age:Young Notes: altered, hasShots, housebroken, noKids
Additional information
This is "Drac," short for Dracula. Well, he DOES have long canines!!Drac was an owner turn-in due to issues with the 18 month old baby. By the description of the prior owner, I believe Drac was "guarding" the baby, but the owner felt Drac was becoming aggressive. I was never clear to whom Drac showed this "aggression." Nevertheless, Drac will go to a family with children of at least 5 years of age.What can be said about this gentle giant.....well, let's start with the fact that he's BIG. He's a 3.5 year old puppy in an adult dog body, so play is often very enthusiastic! His manners, however, are really very nice. He understands he cannot jump up on a human, and understands commands such as sit, down, stay, come, no, and "KNOCK IT OFF!!" Drac is not a timid dog at all, and even when scolded for doing something way off base, he sits looking you straight in the face, cocking his head to one side, eyes shining, and almost asking "Okay, so how should I have done that??" If you are doing anything at "nose height," expect HIS nose to be right there investigating. He is NOT a counter surfer, although he could easily take whatever he wanted from a counter. He may nose something, but he won't take it. His favorite place to investigate is the refrigerator - when it's open, of course. Drac makes it obvious when he needs to go outside. Now, this will include any weekday or weekend you think you're going to sleep in... If he needs to go out at 6:00 a.m., expect him to stand by your side of the bed, cold nose stuck close to your ear, and him explaining in no uncertain terms he's held it as long as he can. And he's not kidding!! If you choose to ignore him, his mutterings just get louder... He will not go inside, but he will definitely bug you until you get the message. Since Drac came here he has always slept on the floor next to my side of the bed. He is not a couch potato, nor does he climb onto furniture. He will occasionally entertain himself by trying to catch his "nubbin" of a tail. Oh, yeah, pick up the car keys and he's all about that ride! If you'd like to know more about Drac, please email and we'll be glad to help you. Drac will not be adopted out of the State of NC, nor any further from Durham than 150 miles.
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Prayers 'n Paws Doberman Rescue, Inc. Location: Roxboro, NC, US
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PO Box 15124
1316 Commerce Dr,
New Bern, NC 28562
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