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MOLLY has been Adopted!
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Breed:Cairn Terrier Mixed:no Gender:Female Age:Adult Notes: altered, hasShots, housebroken
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Meet Young At Heart Molly!
Molly is a very pretty female Cairn Terrier who will turn 11 yo on April 16 yet still has the energy and strength of a 5 year old Cairn.House Trained and Sweet
Molly is wheaten in color (i.e. beige), is fully house trained and very sweet. She is also very active.Loves Even Small Children
Molly is used to humans of all ages, even small children, and loves attention and playing with toys. She also enjoys car rides.Prefers Human Playmates
While she gets along with the Cairns in her Foster Home, Molly rarely engages them in play and prefers to play with the humans than with the other dogs, so she may do better as an only dog. We do not know how she reacts to cats.Loves Outdoors and Indoors
In her Foster Home she enjoys running in the fenced yard and barking at the squirrels and other critters, but also enjoys going indoors to watch the outdoors from a window, sitting on the top of the couch.Fenced Yard Required
Molly walks very nicely on the leash except that if she sees other dogs being walked on leash or a person riding a bike or a motorcycle, she is reactive and starts barking and pulling and making a scene. We therefore are looking for a home for Molly that has a fenced yard.Medical & Dietary Requirements
Molly has a bowel condition that makes her stools soft. She takes daily prednisone and is on a special home cooked diet (half chicken and half rice) for this condition. Without the prednisone and the diet, she gets diarreah, loses protein and can die. Her vet is attempting to lower her prednisone dose but it is possible that she will need to remain on 10 mg per day for the rest of her life and not live more than a year because the prednisone will eventually induce Cushings. Due to this condition, Molly’s adoption fee will be waived.Where Is Molly Now?
Molly is located in a private Foster Home in Princeton Junction, NJ.I Am Up-To-Date
Molly is spayed, up-to-date on her vaccinations, has tested negative for heartworm disease, is micro-chipped and is on a monthly heartworm preventative. Please see her Medical and Dietary requirements above.See More Photos of Me!
To see more photos of me, click HERE.Please Help CRUSA Help Me!
If you cannot adopt me, please contribute to my vet care using this link: To adopt Molly, please fill out our Adoption Application. To learn more about Cairn Rescue USA, please visit our Web site and please also review our FAQs.Contact with Foster Home
Please note that we do not put our Foster Homes in contact with applicants until the applicant has been matched to a dog, his/her references have been checked and the required home visit has been completed or waived by CRUSA.

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Cairn Rescue USA - Northeast Location: New York, NY, US
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