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Mr. Peppers - housetrained, good with other dogs a has been Adopted!
Mr. Peppers - housetrained, good with other dogs a
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Breed:Beagle / Collie Mixed:yes Gender:Male Age:Adult Notes: altered, hasShots, housebroken, specialNeeds
Additional information
Mr. Peppers has a very special story. This 15 pound boy spent his entire life living in a very small enclosure with no human interaction at all. Dogs don't often do well in atmospheres of such extreme environmental deprivation and restricted physical space, and Mr. Peppers has developed a coping mechanism characteristic of dogs in his situation: he runs in circles obsessively as a way to cope with his anxiety. When he was first in foster care, this young boy would run in circles in his foster mom's backyard for hours. (Keep reading, we promise that things get better for Mr. Peppers!) He was never socialized to human touch and so was very scared of his foster mom at first. Because he loves food, she's been handfeeding him, and he quickly learned to associate her with yummy food and treats. Now this 3 year old beagle mix follows her all over the house! Wherever she goes, there's Mr. Peppers trotting along behind her. His foster mom is gradually socializing him to human touch, and he's starting to learn that people mean good things like food, soft beds, and safety. He's spending less and less time running in circles, and more and more time smelling things, checking things out, standing still, and laying down, like other dogs do. He's started to show interest in bones and rawhides. Mr. Peppers loves being outside and walks very well on a leash. His foster mom has two dogs and two cats and he's been incredibly polite in all of his interactions with his foster siblings. Although he doesn't seem to be interested in playing with other dogs, they seem to help him feel more comfortable. He enjoys sleeping in his crate and has only barked once since he's been in foster care. He has excellent manners in the house and has been a very easy houseguest to have around. For the first time in his young life, Mr. Peppers is learning what it's really like to just be a dog. This gentle young boy has been so brave, and after all he's been through, he deserves a hero. Could it be you? Please email Mr. Peppers' foster mom, Jess, at if you have questions about this boy. You can find our adoption application at Scroll down the page and click on the "puppy and dog adoption application" link. Applications can be emailed to Donna at
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Franklin Co. Humane Society/Planned Pethood Clinic & Adoption Center Location: Rocky Mount, VA, US
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PO Box 15124
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