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Libby Lou (aka Ruffles)- Ambassador Rescue has been Adopted!
Libby Lou (aka Ruffles)- Ambassador Rescue
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Breed:Staffordshire Bull Terrier / American Staffordshire Terrier Mixed:yes Gender:Female Age:Adult Notes: altered, hasShots, housebroken, specialNeeds
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Libby Lou came into the shelter as a stray and was pulled into our foster program. She was a staff favorite and it is easy to see why --she is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS, a very calm and sweet girl who just wants to lean against you and feel that she is not alone. She is good with dogs and does not seem to mind the cats. Everyone that meets herfalls head over heels in love!More information to come once she has settled into her foster home.

Update 1/5:

We've had this sweet girl for about a week now and she is settling in nicely and feeling sooooo much better! When she was pulled from the shelter, she had a severe bilateral ear infection which had caused a majorabcess on herfaceand sores on her head and body. Years of neglect of her condition causedsevere scarring in both of her ears and ear canals.We lovingly nicknamed her'Ruffles', as she's quite literally a bit ruffly around theedges, butis just the sweetest little thing.

We've found that she is pretty severely hearing impared, but seems to be able to hear high pitched noises, such as whistles. However, you almost wouldn't know as she's adapted very well and takes cues from other dogs and people around her. She has responded incredibly well to learning hand signals and nonverbal cues, and seems SO excited to be learning a way to communicate.She often tries to elicit treats with good behavior, such as 'checking in' with eye contact. She tends to follow very closely, but if she does walk away, I just tap my toes on the floor and she comes happily trotting back to check in with me. This week she has learned - 'Good Girl/Yes' (thumbs up), 'No', 'Sit', and 'Come'.

Update: 1/17

This has been a great week for our girl. She is feeling much better, and though I still give her antibiotics and clean her ears 3+ times a day, the infection seems to be under control. She has an appointment with her veterinarian on Monday and if all goes well will be starting her heartworm treatment. This will require strict rest for a while, so she won't be attending adoption events.

This week she has learned - 'Down', 'Off', 'OK' (release) and to sit and wait for her food until released and to have her leash put on/taken off. She is a little smarty pants!

Update: 1/24
Libby Lou had her first recheck appointment and heartworm treatment yesterday.Her ears and face have begun to abscess again, so she been quite under the weather the past few days. They are draining constantly and are extremely painful, so she started yet another antibiotic to try to get the infection under control. Two xrays were taken as well in order to assess her condition. The first was of her chest in order to stage her heartworm disease prior to treatment. Her heart is enlarged and very round in shape which indicates severe infection. Her official “stage” is moderate-to-severe, only because she is not coughing more.The second xray was of her skull, to see not only what is going on inside her ears, but also ensure that there is not any other underlying issue that we are unaware of, as she has been having some issues chewing, etc. The middle ear on her “good” side was not visible, which indicates the there is either scarring, infection, or some other tissue obscuring it. Once her heartworm condition has been treated, Libby Lou will need a bilateral TECA (Total Ear Canal Ablation). This is a very invasive procedure which will remove the excessive tissue, the entire ear canal and middle ear. She will be deaf after the procedure (she has very little hearing as it is), but will be free from the constant pain she has endured for years. She has a very long road ahead of her, but she is a tough girl and we’ll tackle these issues one at a time until she’s healthy. She has an incredible disposition and has remained happy and sweet despite the discomfort and pain she is in.Update 1/30One week into her treatment, Libby Lou is not feeling well and is very lethargic, which is to be expected. Her cough is worsening, which indictates that the first treatment has started doing it's job. This is a normal response as the heartworms die and collect in the lungs. We have to be very careful and keep her very calm. For now, she spends most of her time camped out on the dog bed in front of the fireplace or resting in her crate. On the bright side, the new antibiotics are working wonders on her face and in that regard she has improved. Thank you so much to all of the wonderful people who donated medical supplies for her! One week down... eleven to go.For contact info, you can reach her foster mom, Jessie at
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