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Blanche's friend - male - dumped/killed - please r has been Adopted!
Blanche's friend - male - dumped/killed - please r
437.58 mi.
Breed:Maltese / Poodle Mixed:yes Gender:Male Age:Young Notes:
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Blanche got adopted the first day she came to the store - we are so happy for her but so sad for her friend who died a horrible death that did not need to happen!! This is a VERY sad story about two maltese/poodle mix dogs - one male, one female. Somebody dumped them by the road near a farm in Monroe County - she made it, he didn't. It's heartbreaking to realize somebody had these two little dogs and didn't care enough about their well being to find a place to take them so they could find another home - but instead dumped them by the side of the road to fend for themselves in an area they were probably not familier with and nobody to make sure they were safe, let alone give them food and water. We don't know if they were siblings or soul mates, we don't know their names, we don't know what life they had before they were abandoned, but we do know they didn't have a chance the way they were left. People PLEASE if you do not want your animals, give them to a shelter, a vet, a rescue, or a store - do NOT just dump them someplace where they are in harm's way. This little girl made it to the barn but the male got killed by a coyote. Can you imagine the fear they experienced before the end came - for him death - for her bite marks on her face and tail - she was found in time and rescued - he wasn't so fortunate. If you take in an animal remember it's a life time commitment - those puppies and kittens (no matter how cute they are) do grow up and require daily care. If your situation changes and you need to give one up, please take it someplace where it is safe and can be cared for properly until it finds a new loving home. Animals DO have feelings - and just like a child, they rely on you to take care of them every day. God bless this little girl for what she went through and made it - and God bless the little boy for the horror he endured at the end and died a horrific death due to some uncaring person. We are happy to report she already has a new loving home with a wonderful family - and his new home is in Heaven. If you know who may have done this, please report them to the proper authorities and make sure they have NO other animals to do this to. Thank You!

*Note* Not all dogs are at every adoption fair-- So please, call ahead if you're planning to meet a pet to make sure the pet you're looking for will be there! Thanks!

Adoptions are held at the PetSmart Store in Woodhaven every Tuesday and Thursday from 6-8 pm, and Saturdays from 11 - 3pm. A screening process is involved with each potential adoption, and all fees are payable in cash. We reserve the right to refuse any adoption. Donations are always welcome to help our animals in need!
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