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Clementine has been Adopted!
668.16 mi.
Breed:Foxhound Mixed:no Gender:Female Age:Senior Notes: altered, hasShots, noKids, specialNeeds
Additional information
Clementine is a big ol' hound who clearly doesnt get the difference between in and out, a house dog is not her dream...........a nice porch with a warm bed, fresh air and a great view, now thats the life for Clementine. She sleeps indoors in a crate but left alone in the house will pee, we dont know if its cause she doesnt have a good communication with her bladder or just doesnt care, could be either. She is an old dog who has had a life outside and when she was too old to hunt or breed, they were gonna shoot her. A bystander stopped the murder and brought her to us........I would guess Miss Clementine has birthed many hunting dogs in her day! She was so sickly, had not had enough food for some time and was ravaged with tick fever and parasites in and out! We got her all doctored up and she is now the fat and happy ol' hound dog you see in these pics, her old pics were nothing short of heartbreaking. She likes to be the boss of her dog house and bed, enjoys to lay in the sun and just be..............we so hope she can find a farm home to see out her golden years, she deserves that after all she has been through. We arent real sure of her exact age but she is surely a Super Senior! Sweet old Clementine would be happy with a pat on the head and a kind word as you pass her on her comfty porch and bottomless bowl of food and water with the occasional yummy surprise!
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Kristina's Kritter's Location: Mountain Grove, MO, US
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