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Emma has been Adopted!
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Breed:Italian Greyhound / Rat Terrier Mixed:yes Gender:Female Age:Adult Notes: altered, hasShots, housebroken
Additional information
EMMA is an 8 yr old Rat Terrier / Italian Greyhound Mix. She is dainty yet athletic - plays a good game of fetch with a tennis ball. Gets along with other dogs & cats although she will stand up for herself so possibly best not paired with a dominant female. Emma was given up when her military owner was transferred overseas. Emma is in a foster home in New Castle DE and currently living with a large dog and several cats. Please fill out an application at before makng an appointment to meet her with her foster family. Emma has been spayed, vaccinated & microchipped. Adoption $165A NOTE FROM EMMA'S FOSTER DAD:Just wanted to post a quick update on Emma.She got a raw, meaty bone for Christmas breakfast. What a treat! A 4 inch bone was scraped clean and de-marrowed within about an hour!She’s finally started sleeping with the pack on my bed. She won’t go upstairs on her own, but if I jump-start her by putting her on the bottom stair she runs up! My goodness is she warm! She’s a snuggler and is happy sleeping under the covers or on top, as long as the other dogs behave and give her space. In the morning if I am out of the room for any time at all she runs downstairs and waits there for me to finish in the bathroom and get dressed.She’s also warming up to me personally. She’s really excited when I get home. When I’m sitting on the couch she likes to sit with me and she gives puppy kisses and in general sucks up to me as much as she can.She’s eating a “dogsserole” of about 2/3 of a cup of sensitive stomach dog food and a bit of wet food mixed on top, with water added twice a day. This is about the same proportion and diet that Scout, my cattle dog mix eats. Only for him it is a reduction diet! She is really excited when it’s feeding time. Here little tail is wagging so hard it is a blur! She can barely keep her bottom still, it’s wagging along with her tail!We went to the dog park last weekend. I’d say we played with the tennis ball, but really, Emma played with the tennis ball. All the other dogs never had a chance to pick it up. There was a pug puppy at the park that enjoyed chasing Emma. It was like watching a Volkwagen Beetle chase a Ferrari. He never came close to catching her. She ran, non-stop for about an hour. I could tell she was getting a little fatigued when she would run over and drop the ball at my feet without any growling or play invitations. I tried to get a bunch of pictures, but they all were blurry. Anyway, Emma had a blast!'
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CompAnimals Location: Elkton, MD, US
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