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cochran has been Adopted!
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Breed:Border Collie / Cattle Dog Mixed:yes Gender:Female Age:Young Notes: altered, hasShots, housebroken
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(492) November 2011 Update May 2012 Cochran, "Cookie" is a happy 3 year old female Border Collie Red Heeler mix. It has been almost two weeks since Cookie came to her new foster home and she has settled in nicely. The first thing you notice about Cookie is how happy she is and loves to be around people, she will sit beside you while you watch TV or lay by your feet if you are reading a book. GIve her a chew toy and she is content to hang out with you for hours, checking in from time to time to get a scratch on the head. We are doing some basic obedience training with her and she is responding quickly, She loves to get treats while practicing her sit, stay and come. She has learned to wait to be invited out before leaving her kennel. She sits and waits while the door is opened before going outside. We are still working on remembering to sit when she comes in from outside. But she seems a quick learner so it should not take long. She shows no food aggression toward people. You can give her food and pick it up with no negative reaction. She did growl when our border collie tried to drink at the same time when she first arrived, but is fine with her now. She has been on several walks with great success. She met two groups of children sitting quietly while they spent time petting her. She responded to minor correction when meeting other dogs and by the end of the first walk was passing other dogs with ease. She does like to play a little rough at first but with a little oversight has developed a nice friendship with our border collie Lana. They have both needed to be reminded that playing in the house is not acceptable. She understands "no". She is not showing any signs of being afraid of storms. We have had a couple since her arrival and she remained calm and quiet in her kennel. She wet in her kennel on her first full day while we were at work, but has adjusted to our schedule since with no further accidents. Cookie has a beautiful red and white coat that is very soft, she loves to sit and get brushed. We have fostered several dogs in the past couple of years and Cookie has been one of sweetest we've met, very loving and a fun personality. She will make a great addition and bring lots of love to her forever home. A completed adoption application must be submitted to NBCR before you can be considered to adopt this dog. There is also a $180 adoption fee The application can be downloaded from our website or email karenbattreall and ask for an application
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Nebraska Border Collie Rescue Inc Location: Bellevue, NE, US
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PO Box 15124
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