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Classy has been Adopted!
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Breed:Neapolitan Mastiff Mixed:no Gender:Female Age:Adult Notes: altered, hasShots, housebroken, noCats, noKids, specialNeeds
Additional information
Our Special needs Neo-mastiff is anything but reserved! This very playful and active girl enjoys running and jumping and tearing up indestructible dog toys! She also loves the company of other dogs her size or larger. She would also benefit greatly by having a large fenced in yard to roam freely in. This would give her the space she needs to play and burn off all that extra energy she has! She needs at least an hour of exercise/play each day. I call her my "Bull in a China Shop" because you would not believe the energy she has! She is strong and playful but can also be gentle and loving. This ex-puppy mill dog has learned to be a good house dog and respects the house and furniture. She will sleep in her own bed (Kuranda) or your bed - whichever you prefer. She respects baby gates and is comfortable in her ex-pen. She isn't real happy about being in a crate but once in, she settles down nicely. She is housebroken and barks to go outside. She walks on a leash but can pull hard and does not walk in a straight line or at your heel, she could benefit from a few leash walking lessons! She uses a ramp to get in the car and rides well in the car behind a barrier or in a dog crate. She goes down 2 steps at my house with ease and 7 steps at my parents house with assistance (to make sure she does not jump off) For her safety, I would not recommend a home with lots of steps. Classy also must go outside when you vacuum inside, and, she must go inside when you mow the grass outside. The loud noises frighten and confuse her and she will RUN to get away from them. Classy had Glaucoma and upon recommendation from our vet, had her eyes removed. She will be blind for the rest of her life. That does NOT seem to bother her at all! She acts almost just like a sighted dog. Classy came to us HW+ and went trough treatment and is now on monthly HW prevention and feels MUCH better! Classy also had bowel obstruction surgery as she tends to eat un-approved items such as Leaves, Socks, Dog Bed and Dog Toy Stuffing, flip-flops, etc... so you have to be careful about what you leave lying around on the floor because she may decide to have it as a snack! Kong toys, rawhides, Jolly egg, and other hard to destroy toys are her favorites. She lives to play with her Kong Wubba! Classy is a good girl and with just a little extra effort - an easy companion and house pet! She will be the center of attention, ready for affection and the conversation starter! Always ready to be petted by anyone or play time! Can you give this girl the home she deserves? Apply today! Classy's Checklist: Fenced in yard. Easy Steps. Ex-pen style crate (48"x48") Baby Gates (or crib sides) Kong Dog Toys Kuranda Bed Stainless Steel Water Bucket Stainless Steel Food Dish Other Big Dogs - OK
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Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus Location: Barrington, IL, US
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