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Breed:Hound Mixed:no Gender:Male Age:Adult Notes: altered, hasShots, noCats
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Humane Society/SPCA of Nelson CountyALMOST HOME29 Stagebridge Road, Lovingston, VA 22949434 263-7722 IMPORTANT!!! PLEASE READAll animals are located at Almost Home at the above address with the following exceptions:- (PSP) afteranimal's name indicates they arelocated at Pets Supplies Plus, Charlottesville, VA - (FC=initials) afteranimal's nameindicatesthey are living inFoster Care not at our shelter - Courtesy Postings - see bio for contact information as animals do not belong to Almost Home.


AUG, 11, 2012:I began my day with a car trip to my friends home and a bath that rendered me “the silkiest dog in the world.” Then I was suited up in my Easy Walk Harness for the very first time. I didn’t mind it at all and I was excellent on my leash while wearing it. We went to the Nellysford Farmer’s Market where I kissed all of the children and happily greeted all of the ladies and gentlemen too. After the market, I went back to my friends home and enjoyed a wonderful brunch of lunch meats mixed in with my regular dog food. I’m not very food motivated but I do enjoy meaty treats. After a two hour nap on the screened-in porch with my friends, we went hiking on a nearby trail and I got to romp and play in a deep stream. The cool water felt like heaven on my belly. I fetched a few floating sticks and was beside myself with joy, all the while being a very good boy in my Easy Walk Harness. After a glorious time on the trail, I napped in the car on the way back to the shelter, dreaming of what my new home will be like. I reluctantly got of the car at the shelter, went back into the room I’ve lived in for almost two years, kissed my roommate Bessie hello, and curled up on my cot. Soon, I just know that YOU are going to discover me, adopt me, and get me out of here for more than just a nice day trip. And when you do, you’ll be so glad that you did because I’ve got a lot of love inside me and I want to give it to YOU!JUL 15, 2012: Update on Andy from some special Almost Home volunteers..Have you seen those SPCA commercials on TV? Do they make you cry? If your heart is set on adopting a very sweet but homeless dog, please read my write-up here. It’s all about ME and I’m long overdue for a family of my own. I’ve lived at Almost Home longer than any other dog except for Lucky.I was an abandoned, frightened, & starving, when I was picked up by Animal Control in October 2010—nearly 2 YEARS AGO!! Almost Home took me to the vet & then brought me here to our shelter to fatten me up, knowing that I had all of the makings of a valuable companion for someone who understands the soulful, loyal love of hounds. AND I DO! I LOVE PEOPLE & most all OTHER DOGS, BUT I am NOT a fan of cats!Yesterday, my friends Ed and Flower took me to the Farmer’s Market in Nellysford, VA. We all had a great time—especially ME! I had a wonderful day “out” of the shelter and this was very important to me because I’ve live here since October of 2010 - 1½ years of my 2 years of life. At the market I pranced around, happily greeting many other dogs, lots of people, and I nuzzled a few ten year old boys too. Oh, how I love those people and dogs! And I was happy to lean into anyone with a spare hand who wanted to bestow some good ole affection on me!! I love affection. I do. I do. It makes my whole body wag.And after the market, I went to Flower & Ed’s home for “brunch” and a bath! I’d never had a bath before, but I didn’t mind it at all, once my suspicions of the water and shampoo wore off. (Um, I think I was “conditioned” too…whatever that means.) Now my red coat is sleek, shiny, and clean and the white diamond on top of my head sparkles enough to turn the head of Elizabeth Taylor (if she was still alive). After I was all cleaned up, I napped for a few hours on a soft dog bed inside my friends’ cool, screened in porch and I dreamed about what my life will be like when my family finally FINDS ME! The only time I barked at all was when a deer with fawn walked past the porch. I just HAD to bark at them. But I am a dog, after all, and they got way too close to me.I’d love to BE the dog you are looking for RIGHT NOW on this website. I’m a very handsome REDBONE COONHOUND, neutered, up-to-date w/routine shots, and weigh @50 pounds, but looks shouldn’t matter as much as what I have here inside my heart. I’m a very gentle dog, easy to be around. I’m somewhat of a goofy guy who loves life, loves to run & play, & gets along great with others. As friendly as can be, I would love a chance to bring joy into your life. I’m quiet for a hound, and it seems like I’m HOUSE TRAINED too, because my room stays very clean. I’m pretty good on a leash too—especially after I’ve had some time to get a little bit of exercise before a walk. (I don’t get enough exercise here at the shelter because I have to share yard time with so many other dogs. And when I’m fortunate enough to actually get a day out of the shelter, I’m so happy and excited by all that I see, that I forget to be good on a leash, like I often am when I take leashed walks at the shelter.)I wear a beautiful RED coat with a small white diamond on top of my head to remind you that I am a GEM of a dog. One look into my BIG BROWN EYES and I will melt your heart! I need someone who can introduce me to the world outside the shelter. There is so much for me to learn and I’m smart enough to become the dog you want me to be. All I need is your gentle guidance as you introduce me to all things (most of which will be new things to me).I’d be perfect for an active family with respectful children & NO CATS please! I could make very good use of a fenced yard too! And if you had another dog in your family, I’d love that because I love dogs, dogs, dogs and I think your dog would love to have a dog friend just like ME!- I love people (and kids) and dogs BUT I HATE CATS!- I’m sometimes good on leash.- I don’t bark much & I like to ride in cars.- I’m probably house trained.PLEASE BE INTERESTED IN ME and contact Flower & Ed at 434-361-0190 or – if you’d like a private meeting with me. I hang around with them and they can BRING me to meet you! I enjoy riding in their car and I’m always up for a day out of the shelter. Now that I’m all cleaned up, I’d love someplace to go! HOME…would be devine.JAN 1, 2012:Oh, Andy! He issuch a good boy! Heisjust a big goofy guy who loves life. We could learn a lot from Andy. He loves to run and play and gets along great with others. He is as friendly as can be and would love a chance to bring joy into the life of someone special. Spend some time with Andy and he willhave you laughing and having fun in no time.Andy was left abandoned and picked up by local Animal Control in October of 2010. The poor Redtick Coonhound remained at the county facility for about a month where he was frightened and couldn notput on weight. Almost Home took Andy and two other scrawny hounds (Mason, a black and tan Coonhound and Woody a Bluetick) to the veterinarian and then to our facility to fatten them up, knowing that even though someone tossed these guys, they would be valuable companions for someone who understands the love of hounds and can see the qualities we see.Andy is a sweet gentleman with not a mean bone in his body. He gets along well with his neutered lab roommate (Afton aka Bud) and was even respectful of our curious kitties when he was introduced to them. He showed his own curiosity by touching noses with one and wagging his tail in a friendly manner.Andy is a delightful red and red roan color and has a kind-of white diamond on his head. Maybe this signifies his gem in the rough qualities. His white muzzle looks as if it were dusted with Virginia's red earth. At about 2 years old and perhaps 50 pounds, he seems perfect for an active family with respectful children. He is quiet for a hound and is a willing student for the price of a Milk Bone.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED...Call Astrid at 804 761-1386 or email her at for more informationTheNelson County Humane Society has a program where you can sponsor a special needs animal or animal that has been in the Humane Society's care for some time.Donate $15, andwe will send you a photo of the dog or cat and their information. This can be done as a one-time thing or monthly.Please mail donations to Nelson County SPCA at the above address. CHECK OUTNEWWEBSITE:
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