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Gregory - pending has been Adopted!
Gregory - pending
450.76 mi.
Breed:Affenpinscher Mixed:no Gender:Male Age:Young Notes: altered, hasShots, noKids
Additional information
Gregory was born to a backyard breeder in Missouri. He was bought by a man in south Florida. He caged him most of the day and night and when Gregory was out, he mistreated him. Gregory languished. He was saved by a kind doctor who placed him in rescue a number of months later. We love him and have kept him awhile to work with him on trust. Gregory is a very sweet and affectionate dog once he gets to know you - he warms up quickly. But he is skittish and afraid. He acts like a dog that is waiting for the next shoe to drop. He can be the only dog in a home or one of two or three dogs, but no more. He barks a lot and he is loud. He doesn't like to be left outside alone. He knows how to use a dog door. He must be leashed when outside at all times. He will not come to you and will run away. A new owner MUST be willing to work with him. He is very playful with other playful dogs. He is not dominant. He gets along fine with cats and birds. He LONGS to please. He loves to sleep near you on the bed and to lay in your lap while you pet him. He likes to play keep away outside and runs like the wind, so you need to be sure you have a very good, strong fence with plenty of area for him to roam. The Affenpinscher is a rare and special breed. You don't see them often. especially in rescue. However, we were fortunate enough to take him in from another rescue. We are working to socialize him and start to teach him to trust. He is happy and healthy and curious. He has big, brown eyes and he will look at you for hours. But he needs to be with someone who has a kind, slow hand and is patient. He needs lots of time to bond and feel safe and secure. I f all you knew your whole life was a mean hand or a wire cage, you may respond the same way. We would love to keep Gregory because he does love to play with the sweeter dogs (after all he is still a puppy), but we foster many dogs and he doesn't get along well in a large pack. They pick on him. Please ask for an application. We will not respond to your email otherwise. We require home visits, references and you must be in Central Florida. His adoption fee is $350. He is neutered and up to date on vaccinations and microchipped. He weighs about 10 lbs. Thanks.
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Compassionate Canines Location: Orlando, FL, US
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