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Danto has been Adopted!
225.18 mi.
Breed:Pit Bull Terrier / Belgian Shepherd Malinois Mixed:yes Gender:Male Age:Young Notes: altered, hasShots, housebroken
Additional information
This is a courtesy listing. Please contact Savannah Huff at or 410-493-1074 if interested in adopting or for more information. Danto comes with some FREE TRAINING from Pet-U-Cation Training Services to make sure you adjust well into each others lives. Email us for details or contact information about a dog that peaks your interest. Danto's Benefits: --Totally loyal to his people. Once he knows you, you are a friend and cuddle buddy for life. He has never EVER shown the slightest bit of aggression to anyone in our family. --Loves to play, run around, and chase the garden hose. --The best snuggler in the world--he's wonderful on a cold night. --Has always been loved and well cared for, is clean, has all his shots, and is neutered. --Knows basic obedience commands (sit, down, wait, drop it, go to your bed, outside) --Is leash trained on a head collar and hardly EVER pulls. --Is an absolutely beautiful dog, great physique, gorgeous brindle coat. --Has not had any major health problems. Danto's Challenges: --Has shown prey drive toward our housecats; has cornered them numerous times. Hasn't injured one yet, but we believe he could if he could figure out how to do it. He will not be going to a house with cats for safety precaution. --Is fearful of strangers in our home. We have worked on this for years with him and have made great progress. He is still slow to warm up to new people, but will get there if given his space. (Once he warms up, you are his friend forever.) --Has had very little experience with children, though has been great with our newborn. He would be best for a slightly older crowd. --Barks and growls when people approach the house, or when he hears strange noises outside. (Has been a good and bad thing for us) Why would someone want a dog like Danto? Danto's greatest attribute is also his Achilles heel. He is such an intense dog. He loves so intensely, so completely, that it could break your heart. His family is everything to him. But that intensity also gets him into a lot of trouble. Our home, with two working adults and an infant, just can't provide him with the level of exercise, discipline, and structure he needs in order to flourish. In the right home, though, I think all his challenges will tune down, and his absolutely wonderful benefits will shine through.
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Dog Rescue of Maryland Location: Pasadena, MD, US
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Dog Rescue of Maryland
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