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Daisy Mae has been Adopted!
Daisy Mae
1068.97 mi.
Breed:Great Dane / Neapolitan Mastiff Mixed:yes Gender:Female Age:Young Notes: altered, hasShots
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NOTE: We are in the process of catching up on postings of puppies that have not previously been listed due to technical difficulties. All these pups have been raised in foster care and are fully vetted and crate trained. These pups are in-house companions only and cannot be kept as ??yard dogs?!Please note the birthday listed below to determine their current ages and estimated adult weights. Please understand that, especially in the case of larger breed and mix pups, our guesstimate of adult weight is just that as it??s impossible to predict how long a pup will continue growing in advance. Please be CERTAIN you are prepared to care for and keep a large or x-large breed dog if you choose a pup that??s listed as large or x-large breed mix. Please research the breed / mix you are considering prior to contacting us so that you will have some idea of its general characteristics ?? we will be glad to answer questions, but it is most helpful if you do some research in advance ? Also please be certain that you are ready to spend the time and resources necessary to train a pup, especially in the case of the large and x-large breed pups that don??t mature until as late as 18 ?? 36 months, and to provide appropriate items for them to chew on as needed. None of these pups have been alone before ?? they have been raised together in litters with surrogate mothers in foster care ?? and they will require much attention or another doggie playmate to be happy; most are not suited to be left alone all day by themselves.We HIGHLY recommend crating whenever a pup is unsupervised; this prevents bored and destructive behavior. Properly outfitted (bed, blanket, water & food dishes, chewies, toys, treats), a roomy wire crate becomes the pup??s own apartment and he / she won??t mind staying there when you aren??t available, but no dog or pup should be crated excessively, especially when its family is home.All these pups are used to going outside for potty and play, but in their foster homes they most likely were let out on a schedule and didn??t have to ??tell? anyone when it was time to ??go? ?? you will need to train any dog you adopt where to ??go? and how to tell you it needs to. There are excellent DVD and web resources available ? Please be certain you are ready to commit to the pup for its entire lifespan (up to as much as 15 years or more for some of the smaller breeds) before you adopt; once you are, please check out our general adoption policies & procedures at www.HoundHaven.Petfinder.Com and contact us at Hound.Haven@GMail.Com for an application or complete the one you should receive as an auto reply to your e-mail. Please note we do require an approved application prior to setting up a meeting so that we can discuss any potential challenges in advance and so that the trial adoption period can begin immediately after the meeting (generally scheduled for the next available Saturday afternoon) if all goes well. All our pups are in private foster care; unfortunately there is no location where you can visit them in advance, and we regret we are not resourced to accommodate multiple meetings prior to adoptions. MANY THANKS for your understanding and THANK YOU for considering a rescue pup! ?Estimate Birthday: Jan 10Estimated Adult Weight: 80-100 lbs
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Hound Haven & Friends Adoptions Location: San Antonio, TX, US
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PO Box 15124
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