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Helen has been Adopted!
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Breed:Rottweiler Mixed:no Gender:Female Age:Adult Notes: altered, hasShots, housebroken, specialNeeds
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Name: Helen Breed: Rottweiler Special needs Sex: Female (spayed) Approx Age: 4 yrs Size/ weight: large/ 80 pounds Dogs: yes but due to her vision issue prefers to be left alone Cats: unknown Kids: unknown House trained: yes Crate trained: yes Birds: ?? Livestock:?? Tricks: likes to sing with her foster clan Likes: Loves her spot on the couch. gravy with dinner time Dislikes: Activity level: low Notes: Helen is a very sweet girl who is need of a home that will understand her special needs and love her that much more. She is waiting on a specialist appt to see if she has any sight at all and what may be done about it. She also has a congenital nerve issue with her tongue that makes drinking and eating a slower process. In spite of these set backs, Helen is a very loving little girl that shakes her entire backside along with her nub. She has learned to follow the other dogs in the house and is actually learning the lay out of each room and how to navigate to each room. She loves to get attention and in her own way shows her thanks. She is a very special little girl who needs someone special to love her.Helen: Blossoming far more than I expected. She is trying to play with the other dogs and loves to "rottie posture play" with Regnar. She's even tried to "defend" me from my own dogs. She loves to cuddle and will find you at night and unceremoniously push the other dogs out of the way to gain prime snuggle position. 12/20: Helen had her surgery and it worked our wonderfully. Even though her vision is not perfect, she can see well enough that she is actually playing with Leo the 4 month old puppy and Penny. The success was obvious before even leaving the vets office. She used to have a slow and measured gate to ensure that she didn't hurt herself when running into things. Now she has a normal gate and while not normal or perfect, she sees clearly. The first couple of days she was fascinated by the ceiling fan and would look up to watch it occasionally. She's even seen the hawks over head. These things are amazing in and of themselves. The truly amazing thing is that her personality has blossomed even further. She has decided that she is a lap dog and regularly tries to climb in my lap. She is not shy about choosing her cuddle spot on the bed at night regardless of who is occupying it to include me. She is even more friendly than she was before the surgery and is very outgoing. She was a little love bug and is now a really big love bug. She has also decided that she thinks my alpha male is really cute and likes to get him to play too.
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North Carolina Rottweiler Rescue Location: Raleigh, NC, US
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PO Box 15124
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