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GOLDEN has been Adopted!
206.08 mi.
Breed:Golden Retriever / Afghan Hound Mixed:yes Gender:Female Age:Adult Notes: altered, hasShots, housebroken, noCats, noDogs, noKids
Additional information
GOLDEN is an exceptionally sweet and unique dog. She was brought back from Afghanistan through our AfghanDogZ program. As such, she has seen many things we can never imagine and had to learn to survive on her own. This has established many interesting characteristics in her; but one thing it has not affected is her love of people. She has not yet, in her year being rehabilitated and trained with us, met a person she does not want to meet and lay with. Dogs however, are another story. We believe it is due to her need to survive alone in Afghanistan, but she has an extreme reaction to meeting other dogs or being within close proximity of them. Throughout her time with us, she has been taught how to meet dogs, and in meeting and living with over 20 different dogs, has never actually acted on aggression or come close. However, she does make a terrible growling rumbling noise and shows very defensive dog body language when her "dog boundary" is being pushed by the approach of another dog. Again, we have forced the issue many, many times to gauge her reaction, and she has eventually become tolerant of every dog she lives with, however we feel it is not something we could NOT desensitize her to and therefore require placing her in a home free of other animals.
She has learned many, many advanced obedience commands and even some Service Dog commands, proving she is smart, active, and wants to please. She is among the most quietly affectionate dogs we have had. GOLDEN enjoys being outdoors and engages on long walks daily in her current training environment. This is something we hope for her to continue in her adopted lifestyle. Her trainers have advised she bonds quickly and is very loyal, and she will make a great and easy companion for someone with even limited dog experience who is willing to keep her isolated from other dogs.
In concert with the mission of our AfghanDogZ program, we are seeking a military or veteran adoption for GOLDEN.
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