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Breed:American Eskimo Dog / Husky Mixed:yes Gender:Female Age:Adult Notes: altered, hasShots, housebroken, specialNeeds
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11/2011 We're not sure if Lily is an American Eskimo Dog or a small white Husky or a white German Shepherd mix. FFL adopted this gorgeous girl from a kill shelter on December 1st, 2009. She is a GREAT dog and is very clean; she's never soiled her kennel (we're assuming she is housebroken). She's probably between 4 and 6 years old, is leash-trained and will even sit on command (we didn't teach her that). She is lively and affectionate and loves to play. She's ok with our test-cat but would really like him to run so she can chase him! (He hasn't cooperated yet- and probably won't!) The director at the shelter said she'd had "a hell of a life", so we're assuming she's from a situation involving abuse or neglect, or has possibly been involved in a situation involving domestic violence since she can be wary of some men. Somebody somewhere did take the time to teach her to sit on command, though- plus she may have been taught her exceptional manners. She needs a securely fenced yard because she WILL find a weak spot and zip! she's gone running. She also needs lots of exercise every day. UPDATE August 10th: Lily has developed a cataract in her left eye. It's strange-looking and doesn't seem to bother her at all, but the vet is concerned because she is a young dog. She suggested that Lily go to the veterinary college at Blacksburg (VA Tech) for an exam to see if she would be a candidate for surgery. Sponsors are needed to help with the cost of her exam and testing. UPDATE September 9th: We have a generous sponsor for Lily's exam, which is scheduled for September 15th at VA Tech, 1:00 pm. Thank you, Gerry! UPDATE September 19th: Lily was examined at VA Tech by Dr. Daniel Binder (pictured with Lily). After using ultrasound on both eyes (thankfully her right eye shows no signs of cataract development), Dr. Binder said that while the cataract can be removed, the retina is detached and is actually in shreds, much of it gone. She is blind in that eye now and surgery would not restore sight to the eye. We were completely surprised that she'd lost the sight in that eye; it sure isn't obvious. As long as Lily has no discomfort in the blind eye or the eye doesn't change color, etc. she should not require any further care, but she must be watched- in more ways than one! She is still a very lively bugger and had dug out and taken off within 10 minutes after we'd gotten back from VA Tech! She'd had enough of closed-in spaces and people and instruments in her face, so she took matters into her own paws and took an hour's mini-vacation! We later blocked another hole that had been dug under the fence..... Lily and Jazzy (Jasmine) keep us hopping!
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Friends for Life Inc. Location: Lewisburg, WV, US
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Friends for Life Inc.
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