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SIssy #5 has been Adopted!
SIssy #5
354.32 mi.
Breed:Tibetan Terrier Mixed:no Gender:Female Age:Adult Notes: altered, hasShots
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Make A DifferenceTry fostering a dog for TTCA RescueFor more information, visit us at Meet Sissy #5 a 5 -6 year old female Tibetan Terrier recently rescued from a puppy mill in Missouri. Sissy #5 is one of the least affected of the bunch. While in the yard with all her kennel mates Sissy #5 is outgoing, affectionate and sweet. And when you say "Sissy #5" with great gusto she responds with a full open mouth smile. One on one is a different story - Sissy #5, while still affectionate and sweet, is very timid when all the attention is focused on her. Therefore Sissy #5's new home will require another canine companion and a fenced in yard. No electric fences for this little lady, please, as she is a flight risk. Are you up for the challenge of rehabilitating this beautiful girl who is going to need consistency, patience and a whole lot of love?

The Tibetan Terrier Club of America Rescue has opened its arms to many dogs who are from puppy mills, or large breeding facilities, where dogs are bred for profit and not love. These dogs are routinely killed after their breeding days are over, usually at about age five, but we have been able to rescue dogs from some facilities.

Puppy mill dogs are a special rescue, as they have spent the majority of their lives in cages, and have not been properly socialized around humans. Each dog's rehabilitation varies widely, but problems with housebreaking, timidity and poor health are common. If you are interested in adopting this dog, please follow this link to find out more about what the special challenges and rewards are in adopting a puppy mill rescue.

To adopt Sissy #5 fill out our on-line applicationAdoption fee- $
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Tibetan Terrier Club of America Rescue Location: Scotch Plains, NJ, US
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