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Regal has been Adopted!
149.84 mi.
Breed:Coonhound / Boxer Mixed:yes Gender:Male Age:Senior Notes: altered, hasShots, noCats
Additional information
February 5th, 2012 Fourteen years ago, Regal was a starving, malnourished 6-month-old puppy who didn't have enough energy to stand for more than a few seconds. His human family had been told to "starve" the litter of puppies so they would "hunt better". This kind of inhumane "advice" is completely false! This pup was so weakened that the family's children reported that he would seize and his eyes would "roll back in his head". He was 40% underweight, but amazingly the only long-term effect was that his canines didn't get as large as they should have. With adequate food and lots of tlc at FFL, he grew into a beautiful young dog, and now, as a senior, he is one of the prettiest dogs at FFL. Juliet and Roamie are his littermates. Regal is available only as a Sponsor dog because of his age and his shyness with people; please see our Home Page for info about our Sponsor Program. We have many senior animals that need Sponsors for bloodwork, dental, and/or veterinary care. Please consider helping just one animal. Thank you! UPDATE: Regal has had an intermittent deep cough for the past several days although he's still eating great as usual. However, on Feb. 3rd, 2012, he seemed droopy, so we headed to the vet for an exam, bloodwork, and chest x-rays. HIs bloodwork was "perfect", and the chest x-rays showed "old dog lungs"- a little hazy-, plus his trachea is narrowed at one point. He of course hasn't coughed since, but he seems to have perked up. We're watching, though, because his littermate Roamie has also coughed a couple times- that same deep cough- but is also eating great and is not droopy at all. Regal's charges for Feb. 3rd are $207.57.

FFL is dedicated to every one of our animals; if they don't feel well, they go to the vet. It's much better to be safe than sorry. If you'd like to make a donation to help with Regal's veterinary care, we are a tax-exempt organization and would gratefully appreciate any help. If you'd like to be a Sponsor, please see our Home Page for info on our Sponsor Program.
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Friends for Life Inc. Location: Lewisburg, WV, US
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Friends for Life Inc.
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