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Quick Facts
Life Span:15-18 years
Litter Size:3-6 puppies
Group:Terrier, AKC Terrier
Color:Black, rich tan.
Hair Length:Short
Shedding:Lite Shed
Male Height:10-12 inches
Male Weight:8-10 pounds
Female Height:8-11 inches
Female Weight:7-10 pounds
Living Area:A large country mansion isn't required to provide the Manchester Toy Terrier with a happy home. They are quite happy to settle for an apartment life, or a busy suburban environment. The dog has a lot of energy, but it is quite content to let it off indoors. For that reason alone, you might want to think about protecting any valuable ornaments dotted around the house. It can be quite a destructive pet if denied attention, and when combined with some amazing agility, the Toy Terrier isn't afraid to make your home its play den. The Manchester Toy prefers a warm climate, but preferably not suffocating humidity. As you can probably guess by the name, it is well adapted to the neutral appeal of an English climate where it was originally bred. A yard or garden isnt necessary, but the dog will enjoy any open spaces and it can help your own cause to let it burn off some serious steam outside. All yards and gardens should have sufficient fencing to stop the Toy Terrier from running off and satisfying its adventurous spirit.


The Manchester Toy Terrier is a small dog with upright ears and large head that belongs to the Manchester Terrier dog group. Its large head looks odd when compared to its body while its tail looks like a whip and ends in a point.

The coat of these dogs is black or tan in color which is thin and shiny. Its nose is small and black. The Manchester Toy Terrier is very fast and agile. Though the dog is full of energy, its small size makes it possible for the dog to enjoy itself in a house of any size.

Coat Description

Not much grooming is required for the Toy Manchester Terrier. When well kept, the coat looks shiny and rich. This is why professional breeders pay a lot of attention to maintain the shiny look of its coat.


The Manchester Toy Terrier is a mix of a whippet and a black and tan terrier which was famous for chasing vermins in the 1800s. Today, the dog is not used much for catching rodents though it is capable of doing so.

It was in the late 1800s when Queen Victoria was ruling that the dog grew in popularity. The reason for this was that people in that era were looking for tiny dogs as pets as it was the trend in those times.


You find that the Toy Manchester Terrier is a real source of entertainment when at home as it loves being the center of attraction. It simply despises being ignored in gatherings and is basically a wild, enthuastic and clever dog.

Elderly people should have this dog as a companion as it is a great partner that demands attention. Moreover, it doesn’t need much maintenance or space for its living needs. However, it is important that you train your Manchester Toy Terrier at a young age as it resorts to barking when it is not getting the attention it craves. When it’s neglected, this dog can prove to be rather destructive.

If you intend to keep the dog as a family pet, and you have small children, it is important that you teach it to mix with and socialize with young children when it is young. If you have other pets in your home, you have to introduce your Manchester Toy Terrier to the other pets as a puppy.

Not only is the Toy Manchester a good companion, it makes a good companion for you when you go running as it has lots of reserve energy to follow you. This is an entertaining dog that is great at tricks and loves playing catch. As a precaution, never take it walking in the cold winter as this dog dislikes cold and damp weather.

Health Problems

The Toy Manchester Terrier is sensitive to the sun. This causes sores and heat bumps on its neck in soaring temperatures which can cause skin ailments.

This breed is known to develop glaucoma and other blood related diseases like Von Wilebrand’s Disease. This is a disease that creates blood wounds, sores and infections in the dog. The Manchester Toy Terrier is resilient with bone injuries and muscle tear; but the ball of its hip is still its weakness.


This is a dog that is easy to groom with its shiny coat and small frame. You only have to give it a daily brushing using a normal brush. You don’t have to bathe it everyday as it can naturally keep itself clean. You need to bathe it only if it looks like it needs a shower.

Make sure you keep the Manchester Toy Terrier’s ear canals clean at all times by washing it regularly. This is to prevent infections and possible hearing difficulties when it grows old. The Manchester Toy Terrier doesn’t shed much hair; it only sheds a small amount in the warm season. This shedding can be handled with a brush over. Make it a point to keep its claws nice and short by trimming them as often as possible.


As the Manchester Toy Terrier is small, you need not have to put too much effort to provide its daily exercise. This is a very fast dog on the road and very agile. It loves playing catch so get you to a park and let the Frisbee fly!

In addition to walking and running, this dog loves swimming and taking long strolls in the country. Most people train the Manchester Toy Terrier mainly to be a running or cycling companion. However if you do this, it is better to introduce it carefully to prevent its over-exertion.

This is a dog that can run the whole day long and still want more. It does not matter if it is sick and not healthy enough for so much exertion; so be careful not to over-work it.


The Manchester Terrier is famous for its loud barking. This is why you have to provide it with the right training in matters related to social bonding and obedience to you. This is to avoid bouts of loud barking, when the dog does not get the attention it craves.

Elders like to have a Toy Manchester Terrier as a pet and so social bonding is not an issue here. Make sure the dog gets to know the people you know as its barking can be irritating when strangers are around.

So to put things in a nutshell, it is good to have a Manchester Toy Terrier as a companion and a running mate. If you have kids at home, make sure you socialize the dog with the kids at a young age. And with its barking, it alerts you of the presence of intruders; but its small size may not render it useful in fending off unwanted intruders.

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