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Quick Facts
Life Span:11-14 years
Litter Size:1-5 puppies
Group:Mastiff, Terrier (AKC)
Color:Any color is acceptable, as long as there are few markings on the coat.
Hair Length:Short
Shedding:Moderate Shed
Male Height:10-14 inches
Male Weight:24-33 pounds
Female Height:10-14 inches
Female Weight:24-33 pounds
Living Area:Miniature Bull Terriers do better in suburban or urban environments, as long as they have some way of getting daily exercise. A suburban house with a fenced yard is best for this, but an urban apartment can also work if you're willing to give the dog daily walks. Rural or sparsely-populated suburban areas will do as well, but it's important to keep the dog indoors and to carefully supervise it when outside in order to avoid fights with other animals. Because of the Miniature Bull Terrier's short coat, it's inadvisable to keep this breed in colder climates. The dog will have no way to deal with colder weather and exercising it will become much more difficult.


Miniature Bull Terriers are aggressive dogs. Since they were originally bred for dog fights, they are naturally this way. The dog is small and very compact for their size. They appear aggressive and even menacing; though some people think the dogs look comical. The dogs have a small, sturdy built body with much defined musculature. Their ears are pointy, and they fur is short and bristly. Mostly the dogs are white, though some have darker colored markings.

Coat Description

The Miniature Bull terrier's coat is very short and very straight. It is not smooth fur, and not soft fur. Rather is it bristly to the touch.

The dog's coat can be any color, but the dog should be almost entirely one color. The dog should not have any markings.


In the early nineteenth century, the Miniature Bull Terrier was bred. But he started as the standard sized Bull Terrier. The standard Bull Terrier was bred from the bulldog and the terrier to get the best fighting qualities from both types of dog. The aggressiveness of the bulldog was harnessed, as was the speed and agility of the terrier. The standard Bull Terrier is essentially a cross breed of the Bulldog, the English Terrier, and other breeds. The dog, though bred for its fighting skills, actually was more successful as a guard dog. However, the dog's size and violent tendencies were difficult to control, so the dog was bred to be smaller and became the Miniature Bull Terrier. The miniature Bull Terrier therefore has the same fighting dog qualities and protection dog qualities as the standard Bull Terrier, but he is a size that is manageable.


The Miniature Bull Terrier is an aggressive and energetic dog. He is loyal to his owners once he has established a level of trust with the person. The dog is naturally violent and was originally bred as such. He is protective and will attack a stranger or threatening person. The dog can be very playful, and this play can turn into bad behavior; the dog jumps, bites, scratches, and can hurt a person when he is excited. He must be trained to behave properly. Because he was bred for fighting, the Miniature Bull Terrier needs consistent training. And socialization to curb his negative behavioral patterns immediately. He responds negatively to aggressive behavior from both people and from other animals. Children should be supervised at all times when with the Miniature Bull terrier. The dogs are territorial and are not at all good with other animals. In fact, they are very aggressive to other animals, especially dogs of the same sex.

Health Problems

The dog does not have very many health problems, but what he does have are congenital issues. He is prone to deafness, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and certain nutrition deficiencies like a lack of zinc. The Miniature Bull terrier breed, like other breeds, also has a tendency towards hip dysplasia and joint health problems.


The Miniature Bull Terrier is very easy to groom. He has a very short, coarse coat so he really only needs a wipe with a grooming glove a few times each week. He is hard to bathe, especially because of his personality. It is not necessary to bathe the Miniature Bull terrier very often, and professional groomers are recommended for the job. His claws should be trimmed when they get too long.


The Miniature Bull Terrier has an overabundance of nervous energy. This can be taken care of with daily exercise. Daily exercise will also help with the breed's propensity towards obesity. Walking the dog twice a day will help his energy level, and he should also get enough time in his fenced in yard. While he is in the yard he should be supervised, and he should always be walked on a leash.


The Miniature Bull Terrier can be very aggressive, even when he is playing, and especially when he is playing with other dogs. It is important to start training for this breed at a very early age. It is also important that the breed become socialized with both people and other animals from a young age. This will help to discourage problematic and violent aggression. The dog is stubborn and aggressive, however, and this can make the dog very difficult to train. He must be trained, though; if not, he will become a danger to both the owner and to other people. It is also important that he is trained with the proper methods. He responds negatively to aggressive and physical punishment, so a patient trainer is necessary. Positive reinforcement works best with this type of dog, but food treats are not recommended because of the dog's tendency towards obesity.

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