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Quick Facts
Life Span:12-18 years
Litter Size:2-4 puppies
Group:Toys, Companion Breeds, Non-sporting
Color:white, black, spotted, cream, ivory, yellow
Hair Length:Long
Shedding:Does Not Shed
Male Height:12-14 inches
Male Weight:12-18 pounds
Female Height:10-12 inches
Female Weight:10-14 pounds
Living Area:Most Löwchen are very well adapted to apartment living and other confined lifestyles, though they are also very happy keeping up with much larger dogs in a rural setting. Even homes without Their stamina is legendary and you may be surprised just how much time one of these little dogs can spend exercising, even when they don’t often get much. They will, however, insist upon being with the human pack every night and you'll be hard pressed to keep them off the bed, since they also like to get up on things for a better view. Löwchen kept out of doors and away from people are certain to be very unhappy and may become especially aggressive towards other dogs. Their coats are also not well suited to running around in the brush, though a good combing is certainly required after such an excursion.


The Lowchen has always been a favorite of royalty. They almost were extinct during the time period after World War II, but have seen a revival in numbers.

The Lowchen is a small dog that is fine for apartment living. They are also a dog that does not produce allergic reactions very often and make a perfect companion for those with allergies. The biggest characteristic of this breed is the distinct mane cut that is given to them for show.

The Lowchen is a loyal dog who is also very emotionally attached to their owner. They are loving and a good companion. They are almost friendly to a fault and seem to never meet a stranger. They demand attention and will do anything to get it when approached by anyone. They like to be the center of attention.

They have a small head that is round with lively eyes. Their ears are floppy and the coat will grow to great lengths. It is usually wavy and quite shiny. They are usually white or black in color and can sometimes have some yellow coloration.

Coat Description

The Lowchen has a coat that is curly and can grow long. It is usually kept cut shorter and may even be sheared off to give a mane like a lion.


The Lowchen can be seen in medieval art showcasing the lion look they are known for in the show world. They likely originated in Germany and were then brought to Europe. The breed almost died out following World War II, but due to efforts of dedicated breeders it was revived. They are known for being loyal and well behaved. They have always functioned as a type of lap dog mostly for royalty.


The Lowchen is overall just a nice dog. They are not aggressive in any manner and they are so loving they can be suffocating if not controlled. They are generally laid back and will be fine around other animals, however, they love to play and if engaged or just in the mood they can be rambunctious. However, being a small dog, their hyper ways are rarely a destructive problem.

They are never a guard dog. They just crave attention so much they do not care where they get it. They don’t discriminate against anyone who is willing to pay attention to them. However, this need for social interaction can lead to separation issues of they are alone for long periods of time. They really need company at all times.

They are fine with children, but care should be taken to ensure the dog does not get hurt. They can be nervous if the sense fear and do have a possessive tendency when it comes to their things, like food and toys.

They can bark too much and do sometimes have a problem digging where they should not dig. These issues are usually curbed with proper socialization, training and exercise. They will always be a barking breed, though, since they like everyone to know what is happening at all times.

They are not aggressive, but they may try to act big and strong in the presence of larger dogs. They should be watched around more aggressive breeds which can take this behavior the wrong way.

Health Problems

The Lowchen are pretty healthy. However, they do have a small population and inbreeding does occur which can produce health problems. Most often the major concern is patellar luxation which can be fixed with surgery and is easy to catch at a young age.


The Lowchen is low maintenance. Consistency is important in keeping the coat well groomed. It needs to be brushed about three to four times per week to prevent matting. The beard and face need wiped daily to stay clean and free of debris from eating and playing. Their natural love of attention makes grooming easy, though. They will think of it as a fun chore and not give much resistance.

Show dogs are often cut into the lion look where they are shaved with a mane at the neck area. These dogs only need minimal brushing to stay well groomed.

The ears need to be cleaned regularly and the nail kept trimmed. They should also have regular dental care.


The Lowchen will usually get exercise on their own. They are naturally active and playful, s usually they will make sure they get the physical activity they need. Walking and play in the park are enough to satisfy the physical activity needed for this breed.


The Lowchen needs attention when training. They will be happy to work with you if you show them you are paying attention to them. However, you have to be careful. You can not show disapproval or be too harsh or it will hurt their feelings and could produce negative results. Always be calm and relaxed with them. Give them positive reinforcement and firmly correct mistakes.

Training should be consentient, especially house training since this can be a challenge. They need to be supervised and taught over and over so they can learn what is right and what is not.

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