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Quick Facts
Life Span:10-15 years
Litter Size:6-9 puppies
Group:Pastoral, Working, Guardian Dogs
Recognized By:CKC, FCI, AKC, UKC, ANKC, NZKC
Color:White, cream or ivory.
Hair Length:Medium
Size:Extra Large
Shedding:Heavy Shed
Male Height:28-30 inches
Male Weight:100-115 pounds
Female Height:26-28 inches
Female Weight:70-90 pounds
Living Area:This is not an apartment dog at all. While they need space to run, a mid-sized yard should do for the first two years, since you want to keep them from doing any damage to those fast growing bones during that time. A very sturdy 6-foot fence is far more important that square footage in the early years. However, as your Kuvasz progresses toward adulthood, more time should be spent outdoors and wide spaces are essential for physical exercise as well as emotional well-being. Those who keep such dogs in the country may want to consider building a puppy paddock.


The Kuvasz is a breed of dog that is bred for herding and living in the mountains. They are big dogs with plenty of white fur. Normally found in Europe, the Kuvasz is a diligent worker who has a smart demeanor.

The Kuvasz is usually more than 100 pounds in weight. Being so big it can take until the age of two for them to be fully mature. They are characterized by their strong personality which is highlighted by their intelligence and loyalty.

They are not quick to act, but rather like to consider things before reacting. This means they are not aggressive or attack type dogs. This is a good thing since the dog’s huge size can make him seem very threatening. In situations where they feel threatened or where they believe their family is threatened they will react and come down with fierce fighting skill.

The Kuvasz has a wedge shaped head that is black with a black nose. They have floppy, face framing ears and a smooth, and trot like run.

They are best for life in open wide areas because of their size and need for large amounts of physical activity. They will always act as a herd dog and even if they are not put to work, will take responsibility over the family.

Coat Description

The Kuvasz has a thick, furry coat. It is a double coat that is white in color. The undercoat is really fluffy, where the outer coat tends to be wavier.


The Kuvasz is an old breed of dog. They were seen as early as two thousand years ago in Europe. They are believed to have originated in Mesopotamian. It is often associated with Hungary where they were primarily used as herd dogs. They have also been a favorite royal dog. The Kuvasz has not changed greatly throughout its history and today still looks and behaves much like its ancestors.


The Kuvasz is good at reasoning and deciding things for himself. This is a trait that comes from good breeding. They are deeply bred as a herd dog and take their job seriously, even when they are not herding animals they will still show the loyal, protective traits with their family.

They can also be stubborn, which can make them seem difficult at times. After all, trying to get such a huge dog to do anything is difficult without his cooperation. Interaction with the Kuvasz needs to be done in a careful manner. You have to establish your spot as his leader and do so with respect and appeal to him. You can not trick or fool this dog in any way. Treat him with respect and he will do the same to you. Let him know you are pleased with him and he will continue the good behavior. The Kuvasz is not very good at following commands. They are smart so they know what you want, but they may not feel like doing what you want when you request. You have to learn the best way to work with the dog and understand you need to stay in control at all times.

The Kuvasz are great family dogs. They are good with children, but due to their size should be watched to ensure they do not accidentally hurt anyone. They also can accept strangers if they do not feel a threat from them.

Health Problems

The Kuvasz is usually healthy, but does have some issues that are common in large dogs, like hip dysplasia and other joint problems. The major health problem that is seen with the Kuvasz is a direct result of care. It can be easy to over feed this breed, so a careful diet is important.

Another concern has to do with the growth during the first six months of life. During this time the Kuvasz sees an enormous growth spurt which can put a real strain on the body. The dog should be watched for problems walking. They may also experience something similar to human growing pains which can easily be treated through medication.


The Kuvasz has a coat that is thick. It is designed as a form of protection against outside weather conditions. It is going to naturally repel dirt and moisture. Keeping the dog fairly clean and meaning rarely will they need a bath. They do need brushing, though, and will shed quite fiercely two times per year. During shedding brushing needs to be done often to help get rid of the excess fur.

A thick comb is best for grooming. The pup will likely love grooming time and not fight too much, which is good because they need to learn to be fine with grooming or when they become larger you will have a hard time getting anything done.

You will also want to do regular nail trimming and ear care. The teeth also need regular care which is best done with a finger brushing.


The Kuvasz need plenty of time to just roam about. This settles their natural herding instincts. They are not good with hard exercise, so having long all day periods to move is best. They are not the type of dog to play games or fetch. They have a more laid back exercise style.

The best type of physical activity for this breed is to give them a job. They take work seriously and will strive to do the best job they can do. It will keep them busy and active. They are good with almost any animal and can handle larger animals like horses and cattle.

The Kuvasz just is not going to do well in a city setting. Their exercise needs will not be well suited to a daily walk or romp at the dog park. They are not good on a leash and they can not be trusted to not run away when running free in a park setting.


The Kuvasz needs to be trained carefully. This dog can over power you quickly and can make it hard to make him do what he does not want to do. Training must be done in a reasonable and respectful manner in order to accomplish anything. The trainer has to realize that this is a smart dog and respect that he understands what is happening.

Training begins with socialization which will help the dog to become better behaved and more likely to follow obedience training methods. Fortunately, housebreaking this breed is easy because they are clean by nature.

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