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Quick Facts
Life Span:15-17 years
Litter Size:4-8 puppies
Color:Black, Tan, Brown/Tan, Black/Brown, Tan/Red, White/Tan
Hair Length:Medium
Shedding:Moderate Shed
Male Height:10-12 inches
Male Weight:14-18 pounds
Female Height:10-12 inches
Female Weight:14-18 pounds
Living Area:The Jack Russell Terrier is suited for apartments only when they receive an adequate amount of exercise. They do not do well by being chained up all day as they need the freedom to explore and move about. These dogs are not well-suited for kennels for extended periods of time, although they do enjoy the outdoors. They are very active indoors, and it is important to keep valuables and fragile objects out of their living space whenever possible. Although they may not be directly destructive, they do have a tendency to be hyperactive and can cause damage to fragile goods and objects as a result. These dogs should be accompanied by a person during the day and can be crate trained. However, they will need some exercise throughout the day as well as plenty of affection! These dogs thoroughly enjoy interaction with their owners, and can develop strong bonds as a result. They will enjoy new environments to explore, and will fare well with a small yard or fenced in space of their own.


The Jack Russell Terrier is popular dog for a pet. This small breed is energetic and a delight to have around the house. They are spunky and always want to follow their owners around. Even though this breed is small they are not weak, these dogs have strong muscles that helps them keep up with all of the energy they have inside. You will often see the Jack Russell jumping up and down in excited or running wildly through a field or backyard.

The Russell is white with reddish brown and black spots throughout its body. They have a flexible body that helps them jump up and around easily. They are great at chasing small animals or anything else that seems like a good hunt. These dogs walk with attitude and many times, think they are bigger than their true size.

When looking for a Jack Russell you will have to decide on a wire-haired or smooth coat. The face has short hair that feels rough and the head is silky soft.

Coat Description

The Jack Russell's coat is soft and textured. They are usually white in color with brown, black and tan spots, which have a red tone to them.


The Jack Russell Terrier originated in England, specifically in the Oxford area. Reverend John Russell bred white fox working terriers, which is the descendent of the Jack Russell. The first terriers were bred for hunting, especially small animals. They have great digging and chasing abilities.


The Jack Russell is energetic, excited, and just happy to be alive. They are always looking for something to do because they are so playful. If you have children, the Russell does well with them so you don't have to worry about that. Their playfulness is appreciated by kids and the dog feels the same way.

Introducing your Jack Russell to other dogs can be a problem if he has not been socialized with other dogs. This can lead to aggressive behaviors. It is important that if you acquire your dog as a puppy that you socialize him with other dogs so he learns not to perceive them as a threat.

The only time that this Russell has problems with misbehaving is when left with not enough stimulation. Remember, these dogs are active and need to things to keep their minds occupied. Providing your dog with new toys or enough exercise can help your dog stay well behaved and save your possessions.

Health Problems

A well exercised dog is a healthy dog. However, there are some health problems that the Jack Russells may suffer from at some point in its life. Legg Perthes is a disease that affects the hip joints especially in dogs that are small. Collie Eye Anomaly is a disease that could cause the Jack Russell blindness, however it is not progressive. Hip Dysplasia, specifically Canine Hip Dysplasia can cause the dog mild or severe lameness. Finally, deafness is a congenital disease that can occur especially at an older age.


Grooming is not a big deal with the Jack Russell. First, these dogs are small so it won't take much time you to groom him. Secondly, the hair is not very long so all you need to do is comb or brush the coat once of twice a week. Do not bathe your dog unless you absolutely need to because he is visibly dirty. Their coats have a protective coating that should not be washed away with over shampooing. As with other dogs, their nails need to be trimmed and some teeth brushing can be beneficial.


If you plan to own a Jack Russell Terrier, you plan to incorporate more activity in your life because these dogs need it and only you can provide it. These dogs are active and need to be exercised regularly. This means that they need walks, runs and time to just jump around and play. It's a good idea to let your dog run in a secure area but also on the leash while you bike, run or engage in another activity. It will be hard to exhaust this breed but as long as they get enough energy out it will satisfy their needs.

If you are away much of the day, make sure to provide your dog with enough stimulation during your absence. This means chewing toys, rubber toys and other fun activities to keep your Jack Russell amused. If you have another dog in the home, this can help a great deal in keeping your dog from getting bored.


The Jack Russell Terrier is an easily trainable dog because its intelligence. You will be impressed at the quickness at the skills he learns. You will need to be consistent and patient with this breed so that they learn proper behavior and tricks. It is important to use positive reinforcement because of their sensitivity to tones, especially from their owners.

Since these dogs are energetic and playful, it may become frustrating to get your dog to listen. It is better to do training in small amounts so the dog can pay attention for that short time. If you find your dog is just not listening, he may need more time to exercise to get all of his energy out. Take your dog outside and let him run. Try to incorporate the training into your exercising routine.

Another important training lesson is socialization. This means socialization with other people, children, and dogs. These dogs need to learn how to be gentle with children and not to be overly excited when a new person comes to your home. Socialization with other dogs is essential so that if he ever encounters them there is no fighting or other misbehavior.

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