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Quick Facts
Life Span:10-14 years
Litter Size:4-8 puppies
Group:Southern, AKC Hound
Color:Red/White, White/Tan, Solid Red, Solid White, Multicolored
Hair Length:Short
Shedding:Moderate Shed
Male Height:23-28 inches
Male Weight:42-55 pounds
Female Height:22-26 inches
Female Weight:40-45 pounds
Living Area:They are best kept in a fenced area where they have room to exercise on a regular basis. The most suitable space for them is at least 40X60 feet.


The Ibizan Hound is known for its different nose, referred to as ‘Roman Nose’. This is a sighthound. This breed is athletic and muscular compared to others in the same family.

The Ibizan Hound has an elongated neck which curves. The eyes of this dog are amber. Ears are in the shape of a triangle. When under stress, at attention or curious these ears will stand up straight. This hound has long and straight legs. The tail is also long and thin.

The Ibizan Hound can be found in three types: long-haired, wire-haired, and smooth-haired. When in the market for this breed you will find that the smooth haired is much easier to find and the longhaired is the hardest. These dogs come in many different color variations; you will most likely see them in white and tan, white, white and red and red.

Coat Description

This bread has long hair, wire hair or smooth. This means that you will have to brush this dog's hair routinely. You will not have to do much more to keep this dog looking healthy and clean because of the hair's natural glean.


The Egyptians and Spanish brought over the Izbian Hound to the West. Documentation in hieroglyphs and sculptures show that this dog originated from the Egyptians. When brought to the Western World, this dog was used for hunting because of its excellent sense of smell and sight. They run quickly and can trap small prey such as rabbit easily.

The Izbian Hounds makes a great hunting dog but you can also keep it as a show dog. It was included in the AKC in 1979 and is being showed in major dog shows across the world.


These dogs are a delight to have around. They love to play, are friendly and will obey their master. They are aware of their surroundings and can be a great guard dog. They are protective of their owners so beware when having strangers to your home. Introduce your pet to the new person in a calm setting.

Even though this breed is unaggressive, you would not want to join this dog with other small animals like rabbits, mice or other small pets. They will prey these animals and may cause harm. If you have other pets that are larger or same size, this breed would get along well as long as they are introduced slowly.

Since these dogs are very energetic, they need time to get exercise. You will have to allow your dog to run outside or other area to expel energy. If not, your Izbian Hound may become bored and get into trouble. Providing toys especially chew toys can also help keep your pup entertained.

Health Problems

All animals have some common medical issues. Here are some of the diseases and allergies that the Izbian Hound is susceptible to especially in older age.


[-]Osteochondritis Desicans[/-]

[-]Canine Hip Dysplasia[/-]

[-]Axonal Dystrophy[/-]

[-]Collie Eye Anomaly[/-]

[-]Von Willebrand's Disease[/-]


[-]Allergies – drug, chemicals in flea solutions and shampoos and insects[/-]





If you decide to own an Izbian Hound invest in a rubber grooming glove. You can find these in your pet store and is especially designed to brush dog's hair easily. The Izbian Hound hair is short but still needs to be brushed to keep it clean and healthy.

If you have a wire-haired variety, brushing is done less often and you can run your bare hand over the dog to remove loose hair. If you have the long-haired variety, you will need to brush your dog much more often to keep it from tangling and keep the oils on the hair so it remains soft and healthy.

Ears need to be cleaned regularly. Use cotton balls or q-tips to get into the ears. You will also need to clip claws whenever they get too long. This can be done with dog nail clippers or professionally. You will also need to bathe your dog when needed. Over bathing can cause irritation and dry skin so keep bathing regular but not frequent.


When deciding whether to purchase this breed of dog, remember that this dog is very energetic. Because of this, you will need to spend a lot of time making sure that your dog gets the exercise needed so the dog doesn't become bored. Be prepared to take your dog on walks at least 2 times a day for a significant amount of time.

You can have your Izbian Hound engage in many physical activities with you such as biking, running, or rollerblading. This will keep you and your pup healthy and sane. Make sure you have a secure hold on your dog when taking the dog outside. They love to go on adventures and may run off if given the chance.

If you must have your dog exercise outside, make sure you have a fence that is tall enough. These dogs can jump higher than other dogs and will try to escape. You will have to keep an eye on your Izbian Hound to make sure he does not run off.


This breed is extremely intelligent so they are able to learn new skills and tricks easily. It is important to keep in mind that these dogs do not enjoy being yelled at or take direction from an authoritative voice. When training this dog, keep your voice firm but pleasant. This will motivate the dog and keep it interested. These dogs aim to please and you will see how your Izbian Hound will try its best to impress you.

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