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Quick Facts
Life Span:10-13 years
Litter Size:1-11 puppies
Group:The Borzoi belongs to the AKC Hounds Group
Color:In coloring, the Borzoi is found in many colors. You will find them most often as white coated animals. Tan and gray are also common. Some will have dark colored markings on their coat. Often, they are mixed colors but you can find solid colored coats as well.
Hair Length:Long
Size:Extra Large
Shedding:Heavy Shed
Male Height:26-28 inches
Male Weight:75-110 pounds
Female Height:24-26 inches
Female Weight:60-100 pounds
Living Area:The Borzoi is a larger dog and for that will need some additional room in terms of where he lives. Yet, if the dog is given enough exercise, even smaller locations are just fine for him. In the home, they are likely to find a nice corner to nap in and not really bother anyone. On the flip side, though, the Borzoi will want to enjoy the outdoors. Do provide him with a place to run and to play and he will do just that.


You have likely heard the idea that owners and their dogs often end up looking alike. If that is true and you are a tall person than a Borzoi dog is for you. These gorgeous dogs very closely resemble the famous Greyhound breed and have a very similar long legged look and lean body mass.

Like the Greyhound, the Borzoi breed has an elegant long head with intelligent eyes and a beautifully curved muzzle. The rest of the body is long and sleek as well. Many people consider the tail to be a defining feature for this breed of dog. Instead of holding the tail upright like so many other breeds, the Borzoi holds their thin, long tail down close to their bodies.

Another trait that is simply impossible to miss is the longer, fuller fur found around the neck. It could be described as a lion mane for a dog.

It has been established that the Borzoi dogs are very tall. The females can reach up to 26 inches in height and can get even taller than that. Males are typically 28 inches or taller. As far as weight is concerned most full grown females come in at 60 to 100 pounds. The boy dogs are much heavier and can weigh from 75 to 110 pounds. We aren’t dealing with miniatures here.

Coat Description

Let’s start with the dog’s coat. We have already discussed the interesting ring of long fur found on the dog’s neck. The rest of the coat is fascinating as well. These dogs have an amazingly soft and silky coat with an almost curly texture to the hair. As far as color is concerned, the Borzoi can have coats of mixed colors, shades of brown, white, or gray. Some animals even have tan or beige colorings as well.


Most pure breed dogs have an interesting history and the Borzoi is no exception. These dogs are thought to have arrived in Russia from the Middle East in the 1700’s. for whatever reason, very likely the dogs’ regal bearing, they became very popular with the Russian nobility. At this point, the original Borzoi was mixed with dogs with a longer, fuller hair and the present day Borzoi was born.

For quite some time, the Borzoi enjoyed immense popularity among the wealthy and royalty of Europe. They were especially very good at hunting. In current times, they are less likely to be found hunting and more likely to be found keeping their owner company.


Dogs are famous for being very smart and the Borzoi is no exception. These wonderful dogs show their intelligence in many ways. One of the first things you will notice is how quickly they learn the rules of the house and house training. They are very clean and prefer to take care of themselves much of the time. In other words, the Borzoi aren’t high maintenance dogs at all.

If an owner is planning to introduce a Borzoi into a home with children, it is imperative to get a puppy. These dogs need a great deal of socialization to be comfortable. Having them around the household members early is very important in teaching the dogs that the presence of kids is acceptable.

The Borzoi dogs are very independent and will express their freedom in a variety of ways. For this reason some training behaviors may take a lot of time to teach. The good news is the Borzoi are very lovely animals that want nothing more than to please and love their owners. It can create some unique situations when a Borzoi dog decides to cuddle with their owner.

Health Problems

Just when it seems like it can’t get any better in terms of ease taking care of the Borzoi it does. These powerful guys and girls are pretty hale and hardy. The biggest problem an owner could come across is in the dietary department. They demand a lot of food and it has to be the good stuff. A Borzoi has no problem refusing to eat to prove a point about the quality of their food. These big dogs are also prone to bloating and other gastric issues. Smaller meals throughout the day will clear that right up.

Besides paying attention to the diet of the Borzoi, an owner only needs to take the dog to the vet and keep up with the required vaccinations. The Borzoi will be just fine with that little bit of care.


If you are worried about shedding about your home, a Borzoi may not be for you. They do have long coats which results in some dog hair about the house. Brushing them regularly can help with this problem. Most Borzoi owners also find that these dogs are very clean all on their own, which helps a lot. There is a misconception that large dogs are very dirty. This simply isn’t true. The Borzoi will only need to be shampooed every once in a while. They are exceptional at taking care of their own grooming needs.

However these dogs do grow a lot of hair in between their toes. Odd as it sounds, that hair will have to be trimmed to ensure that the dogs don’t end up with pain in their feet. Overall, most people are surprised by how little work is involved with caring for a Borzoi.


If you know anything about the Greyhound breed, you know they are racing dogs. We have already established a connection between those dogs and Borzoi. The point is exercise is essential for these tall, powerful dogs. Many Borzoi owners are avid walkers and runners. They love accompanying their owners on hikes and runs, so this is a perfect way of ensuring the dog receives adequate exercise.

In order to have a healthy Borzoi dog, be sure to provide plenty of exercise either with the owner or in a secure yard.


The benefit of owning a smart dog is that they are smart, the downside is that they often know their own minds. This trait can make training a Borzoi rather difficult. When working with these dogs, it has to be understood that positive training rewards are essential. They are too large and too smart to be intimidated by harsh tactics and all that really does is convince the animal to be frightened and hate their trainer. Developing trust is vital in getting anywhere with these wonderful dogs.

To an extent the Borzoi dog will want to please and love its owner. However that is only to an extent. These dogs’ first priority is to follow its own agenda and do what the dog wants to do.

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