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Quick Facts
Life Span:12-18 years
Litter Size:4-8 puppies
Group:Herding, AKC Herding, Working
Color:Black/White, Chocolate/White, Red/White (Yellow/White), Blue/White (Slate), Lilac/White, Sable/White, TriColor, Saddle Pattern, Blue Merle, Red Merle, Sable Merle
Hair Length:Long, Medium
Shedding:Moderate Shed
Male Height:19-22 inches
Male Weight:30-45 pounds
Female Height:18-21 inches
Female Weight:27-42 pounds
Living Area:Not recommended for apartment life, they are best on a farm or acreage where they have the room to run and exercise with their handlers. Will do fine in a kennel so long as they have lots of daily activity and exercise and see their owner a lot. This dog will not do well being chained up all day.


In addition to being absolutely adorable, Border Collies are famous for their ability to safely and effectively work as herder dogs. These incredible animals have a lot more going for them than working with other animals though. Medium build dogs, the Border Collie has a long, elegant nose and snout ending with a rather wide skull. The face of the collie is highlighted by the animal’s incredibly intelligent eyes. Most Border Collies have half upright ears and carry their heads proudly.

The body of the animal is unique in that the body is slightly taller in the hind quarters than in the other areas of the body. Border Collies have the famous flag tail which is held high when the animal is engaged or excited. These dogs never have their tails positioned over their backs.

Coat Description

The coat of Border Collie is pretty hard to miss. The undercoat is rather soft and short, while the topside coat is long and medium textured. That thick undercoat is exceptional for protecting the dog from the weather elements. Border Collies also have that unique feathering about their legs.


The Border Collie is considered to be one of the oldest known breeds of dogs in the world. They are mentioned in fine works of historical writings as far back as 1570. the origin of the name Border Collie is also up for some debate. Some claim the collie part of the name comes from a kind of sheep while others are convinced that the word is related to the old Gaelic word for useful.

One thing we can be sure of is this breed of working dog is from the British Isles, most popular in Scotland and Great Britain.


If you want a dog that will mature quickly the

Border Collie isn’t for you. Much like black labs and golden retrievers these dogs don’t come into their own emotionally or physically until they are about 3 or 4 years old. However there is no denying their wonderful intelligence and delight in learning about their surroundings. One of the reasons the Border Collie is the ultimate in herding is their uncanning ability to react to the herd and get the other animals to do what the collie wants without barking or violence.

There is no doubt that the Border Collie is a warehouse of never ending energy. Even after a hard workout or long day herding these dogs still have plenty to give the kids in their family or even go for a run or walk with the man or the lady of the household.

Health Problems

it seems like if one breed of dog faces a particular problem, the rest of them do as well. For the most part owners find well cared for Border Collies to be ridiculously healthy; however there are a few health issues to be on the lookout for.

Hip dysplasia is a common dog health issue behaves much like arthritis is humans and can affect the movement of the Border Collie especially in the hind quarters. Drug treatment and surgeries are possible depending on the severity of the case.

Border Collies can also have problems with their eyes and ears. Like many large and medium sized breeds, Border Collies are prone to progressive retinal atrophy. It starts out with problems for the dog seeing at night and eventually results in complete blindness. Another eye problem for collies is Collie Eye Anomaly. The good news with this one is once the dog is diagnosed, the condition never gets any worse.

No one really knows why, but deafness is an issue for many Border Collies and other dog breeds as well. Fortunately these brilliant dogs figure out how to do just fine without their hearing pretty quickly.


Good luck stopping your Border Collie from running long enough to groom him or her. Fortunately they only need a bath every so often. When the owner notices lots of dirt, it’s time for a bath. It’s pretty much that simple. Too much bathing will result in dry, itchy skin for the dog.

It is also important to brush the Border Collie fairly often as these dogs have a tendency to shed. Most experts recommend a thorough brushing twice or three times a week. While you are at it, make sure you check for ticks and other vermin. Obviously they aren’t good for the dog.

Border Collies have pretty long hair and trims are necessary. Unless the owner is trained in the correct methods, allowing a professional groomer to do this is likely best.


One point has to be made immediately; these dogs will not run out of energy. It really doesn’t matter to the Border Collie if you are tired or not. He or she won’t be. That doesn’t mean the owner can’t find ways to keep these dogs entertained. If the dog is to be left at home for any length of time alone, it is imperative to make sure there are toys, balls, and activities about for the animal to engage in.

Border Collies are great pets for very active people. They will enjoy dog games like fetch and Frisbee, but don’t forget to include these smart and active dogs in games like hiking, running along side as the owner bikes, and swimming. Border Collies absolutely love all of these energy draining activities.


Training Border Collies is both very rewarding and very frustrating all at the same time. These dogs are very smart and unless the trainer’s dominance is recognized early, these brilliant dogs aren’t above making a situation go their way. Incorporating lots of treats and time to play into any training session is a good idea.

The educated trainer will make use of the Border Collie’s natural love of performing tricks. They aren’t the most serious of dogs and will adore the chance to make their audience laugh. Playing dead is typically a favorite.

As frustrating as the training may get for the human involved, it is imperative to keep noise to a minimum. Harsh commands or treatment won’t get you very far either. Lots of patience and consistency are important in getting the job done.

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