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Quick Facts
Life Span:11-17 years
Litter Size:3-5 puppies
Group:Terrier, Terriers
Recognized By:CKC, FCI, AKC, UKC, ANKC, NZKC
Color:The coat colours include: black, black/white, tan/black, red/black, white, ivory, cream, yellow and silver.
Hair Length:Medium
Shedding:Lite Shed
Male Height:9-10 inches
Male Weight:14-16 pounds
Female Height:8-9 inches
Female Weight:12-14 pounds
Living Area:The Australian terrier will happily live in even quite confined spaces, though you will have to provide a great deal of entertainment and scheduled walking to keep them from becoming destructive. They are happiest when they have at least a small yard to play in and patrol.


The Australian Terrier is a small breed of dog that had a much focused reason for being bred. They were originally used as hunters of rats and snakes which were a huge problem in Australia in the 19th century. The Australian Terrier has been a part of the American Kennel Club since 1960. They are popular pets in Australia and starting to become more common in other countries. They are outgoing and affectionate and are a great city dog.

The Australian Terrier takes a mixture of characteristics from other dog breeds form which the descended. The Scottish Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier, Cairn Terrier and West Highland Terrier were all use din created this breed of dog. The colors of all of these breeds can be seen in the Australian Terrier which has a coat that is well suited for adverse weather conditions with the coarse outer coat and softer inner coat.

The Australian Terrier is short and stocky in appearance. They are usually kept as pets because of their enjoyable nature.

Coat Description

The Australian Terrier has a coarse outer coat with a soft inner coat. They may end up being rather furry around their face area.


The Australian Terrier is a mix of different Terrier breeds. It originated in England and was brought to Australia. This breed is often bred for a distinct purpose as a work dog or hunting dog of some type.


The Australian Terrier has a much laid back personality. They enjoy socializing and being around others. They are used to living in small places, so a small space is not an issue for this breed.

Despite their sweet and approachable nature, they so have an ornery streak which comes out in a rather naughty behavior. They love to dig and will often do it in places where digging should not be done.

They are smart dogs and love to make their family happy. They are attentive and will always be looking for attention themselves. Due to their small size they are not really ideal for small children, but do just fine with older children. Messing with the ears of an Australian Terrier is not advised as they will nip at anyone that does so. This is purely due to discomfort and not an aggressive nature.

They love to chase, which comes form their background. If they see something to chase they will chase it and it will take center stage in their mind. They can be very distracted by something and lose all minds over what they were previously doing. They also have a bit of a stubborn streak and will ignore commands, so they must be watched carefully when outside or they may run away.

They are usually close to one person in a family and not quite affectionate towards anyone else. They will often go on the defensive with other animals, especially large dogs. Another issue that should be mentioned is that this breed loves to bark. They have to be taught early on that barking all the time is not acceptable behavior.

Health Problems

The Australian Terrier has a long life span and any health conditions are usually not fatal. However they may still suffer from some conditions. They are prone to skin problems, bad kneecaps and legg-calve perthes.


The level of grooming for an Australian Terrier is rather low. The type of coat is clean and needs only brushing every three to four days. If hair gets too thick around the eye area it can be trimmed. They may also need regular treatment for skin conditions. Grooming the ears requires some plucking of excess hair. This is something that has to be taught to the dog from an early age since Australian Terriers prefer not have their ears touched at all.


Smaller dogs need less exercise than larger breeds, so the Australian Terrier is not going to be demanding about exercise. This breed does have a lot of energy and spunk, but regular interaction should be fine to help them expel it. They like to keep busy and when left to their own devices they may become mischievous, digging holes or getting into other mischief. Give them toys to play with and they should be able to entertain themselves.


Training the Australian Terrier can be challenging. This breed will often try to resist when they do not agree with whatever is going on. Training must be done in a controlled manner with a firm hand. It has to be consistent and diligent in order to be successful. The trainer has to be clear that he is in charge and not the dog or all attempts will be fruitless. Positive reinforcement is the best method. House training is best done with a crate when the dog is still a puppy. Training should also include some type of activity to help keep the dogs attention and not let him get bored.

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