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Quick Facts
Life Span:12-15 years
Litter Size:6-10 puppies
Recognized By:CKC, UKC, NKC, APRI, ACR
Color:The colors of the American Pit Bull Terrier may vary and can be almost any solid color with the exception of merle.
Hair Length:Short
Size:Medium, Large
Shedding:Moderate Shed
Male Height:16-24 inches
Male Weight:35-65 pounds
Female Height:14-24 inches
Female Weight:30-60 pounds
Living Area:The American Pit Bull Terrier is a dog that can be kept indoors or outdoors, but is best kept indoors with the family. They are very loving and enjoy romping on the floor with kids. They do enjoy running outdoors and should be allowed to run to wear off some of the energy they possess. Due to their high prey drive, it is recommended they be kept on a leash when outdoors so they don't chase other animals. Because of their high intelligence, it is very easy to housebreak them.


The American Pit Bull Terrier is an intelligent, strong and loyal member of the terrier group which is also classified as a pit bull. Despite the notorious nature of pit bulls, the American Pit Bull Terrier can get along quite well with a family environment and with children.

The American Pit Bull Terrier has a muscular build with short, stiff hair. They can be almost any coloring. The ears are usually cropped and the tail is short and tapered. The coat is glossy and single layered. Their eyes can be any color but blue. They are characterized by their block shaped head that is wrinkled on top.

The American Pit Bull Terrier is not like most dogs considered pit bulls. They do not exhibit the ferocious and untrustworthy nature that has become a stereotype of pit bulls. With good care and a good home they are loyal and loving.

Coat Description

The American Pit Bull Terrier can be almost any color. The coat is generally a short, single layer that is coarse in nature.


The pit bull and terrier were bred in the 1800s which created the American Pit Bull Terrier. They were commonly used by farmers as farm dogs. They were also used as fighting dogs because while they would easily fight another dog they would not turn on their owner. After fighting was banned, they started to become the family dogs they are today. They have gained a bad reputation due to other types of pit bulls, but this stereotype is being left behind as dogs are being bred better and trained to lose their aggressive nature.


The main descriptions of the American Pit Bull Terrier’s temperament and behavior are goofy and friendly. These dogs are very smart with a strong character. They tend to be friendly to everyone – family or stranger. They are very protective of children and will become great friends quickly with a child.

They are natural guard dogs and also hunters. They will often seek out birds and small animals to hunt down. Obedience training can help to ensure they handle their natural guard dog and hunting instincts properly. While they are good guard dogs, they usually are much better at protecting people than property, so this is something to keep in mind.

They love to play and that is how they gain the reputation as being goofy. They will roll around and act incredibly happy when with their family. Dogs of the same sex should not usually be kept together since they will tend to fight. In the younger years an American Pit Bull Terrier should be watched with children. They will not intentionally harm the child, but they do not know their own strength and could accidentally hurt a small child. They are quite good with children because they have a high pain tolerance which allows children to climb, pull and mess with them without the dog being hurt.

Health Problems

The American Pit Bull Terrier does not have any major health issues except hip dysplasia. A hip x-ray can usually diagnose the problem. Good breeding can prevent the problem.


The American Pit Bull Terrier has a single layer coat that does not require much care. He will need bathing regularly to keep him clean since he loves to roll around and play and will accumulate much dirt. Regular brushing with a brush that has firm bristles is a good idea for cleanliness.

It is best to start the grooming ritual early on as a pup so he can adjust to being groomed and not fight against it. Keeping the ears clean is important and it is important to make sure he is used to having them touched and cleaned. Keeping them clean with a bath is something you will not need to do often. In fact, wipes sold at pet stores are a better way to keep them clean on a regular basis.


The American Pit Bull Terrier needs plenty of exercise. They have to be allowed to expel their energy or they can become rather destructive and disobedient. Exercise can include walks or just playing with the family. They are very social and this should be incorporated into their exercise regimen. They should be allowed to use up their energy each since they can become rather rambunctious when they have too much stored energy.


The American Pit Bull Terrier is very smart and easily trained. Training is very important to help the dog be able to live in a family environment. They are quick to house break and will train best with a firm manner. Consistency is the key to a good training method with this breed. Positive reinforcement works best. Socializing with other dogs should be an important part of training. Training them to be nonaggressive is an important factor in ensuring they can socialize with others well. Training sessions can also be a great way to get more exercise into their day.

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