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Quick Facts
Life Span:15-17 years
Litter Size:3-5 puppies
Group:Northern, AKC Non-Sporting
Recognized By:CKC, AKC, UKC, NKC, APRI, ACR
Color:Snow White, White/Biscuit Cream, Biscuit Cream
Hair Length:Long, Medium
Size:Toy/Small, Medium
Shedding:Moderate Shed
Male Height:9-19 inches
Male Weight:6-35 pounds
Female Height:9-19 inches
Female Weight:6-35 pounds
Living Area:The American Eskimo is at much at home in an apartment as it is out in the country. They do best in situations where they can be exercised on a daily basis. Whether it's running in an enclosed backyard or a daily walk, they do need to have room to run and play. They are very active indoors and should be given lots to do. They do not do well without routine.


The American Eskimo is found in three different sizes, all of which have a white to cream colored coat for which the breed is best known. The toy is the smallest size with the medium size called the miniature and then the standard size rounds out the American Eskimo breed. Besides the same coloring, all the types have the same wedge shaped head that is well proportioned between the muzzle and the skull. They also have pointing ears and a tail that is very full and which curls up and over to the back. They have a strong jaw with tight teeth structure and are known for their scissors or pincher bite. Some American Eskimos have blue eyes, but brown eyes are more favorable. This is because the blue eyed dogs tend to have more health issues, so brown eyes are considered a sign of good breeding.

American Eskimos are known as a good companion. They are intelligent, alert and have a lot of energy and attitude. They are very loving and active, as well. The compact build of this breed plays right into the lively spirit they display. As such a lively dog they require a lot of daily exercise.

The breed is a descendant from the German Spitz. It experienced a rise in popularity during the 1930s and 40s when they were performance animals. However, this can be misleading since training them can often be difficult as they lack motivation to learn most of the time.

The American Eskimo is considered a great pet because of its small size and loyalty. It also is a good guard dog due to its alertness.

Coat Description

The coat of the American Eskimo is the distinguishing factor of the breed. It has a double coat that is thick and lush in white colorings. The coat can be wavy or straight with a ruff around the neck. The legs and hock usually have a feathered appearance and the tail is full with a curl up and around over the back.


The American Eskimo is a descendant of the German Spitz. They were brought to American by immigrants and the name was changed during World War I. They were popular as trick dogs that performed with famous circus groups. In 1995 the American Kennel Club recognized the breed.


American Eskimos are generally a wonderful dog. The main thing to be aware of is their high energy level, which requires plenty of activity on a daily basis. They are smart, active and very protective of their family. They are great in a family environment even with small children. They are also fine with strangers as long as the family is welcoming of the stranger. American Eskimos need to be kept busy or they tend to get into trouble easily.

The American Eskimo can live in almost any environment, from a city apartment to a country home. As long as they can get their exercise they will do well anywhere. Additionally, despite their natural tendency to resist training, once training has begun they are fast learners who can pick up many commands and even learn tricks.

Health Problems

The American Eskimo is a healthy breed of dog, however, they are prone to certain health problems that do tend to affect dogs in general. They can experience hip dysplasia which can cause varying levels of lameness. They may also experience progressive retinal atrophy, although this is more common in the blue eyed dog. It can lead to total blindness. If they do not get enough exercise they may also struggle with weight issues.


One thing that the American Eskimo is best loved for is its beautiful thick coat. Fortunately it is not only beautiful but easy to groom. However, if grooming is not carefully managed it can become a headache. The dog should be groomed twice a week with daily brushing. They should be bathed as needed, but on a regular basis to avoid dry skin. They will also need nail trimmings regularly. If grooming is not kept up then the für tends to become tangled and can be very difficult to comb out.


American Eskimos are known for their active and lively nature. Exercise is top on the list of things they must have. Exercise is important to help keep them well behaved, as well as ensuring their overall health. The best exercise will include between 20 and 45 minutes of good walking everyday. If walking is not possible, then other playing or exercise is fine. Playing with toys can be a great way to make sure the dog gets enough exercise. Training and regular interaction can also help ensure the dog gets enough exercise on a daily basis.


Lively and active as they are, American Eskimos are also very stubborn. They are very smart, but this does not make training easy. They need good guidance a lot of time to conform to training. If training is started early you will see the best results. Once the American Eskimo takes to training they will learn rather easily and be able to follow commands and learn an array of tricks.

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