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Quick Facts
Life Span:11-14 years
Litter Size:1-3 puppies
Group:Terrier, AKC Toy
Color:black, gray, black and tan, red, silver and belge (mix of red, black and white hairs). Some white hairs and small white patches on the chest are acceptable.
Hair Length:Long
Shedding:Moderate Shed
Male Height:10-15 inches
Male Weight:7-8 pounds
Female Height:10-15 inches
Female Weight:7-8 pounds
Living Area:Indoors with a small yard. Will do well in apartments with regular exercise.


The Affenpinscher is a unique dog with a look that is easily noticed. This small dog is best known for its face which is often compared in looks to that of a monkey. It is a sturdy dog that very strong and moves well. They are also very expressive and full of personality.

The Affenpinscher’s head is round with a short muzzle and extended lower jaw. The face is well stooped between the eyes and muzzle. Thos breed has a beard and long eyebrows. They have round eyes that are black in color. In the past their ears have been cropped, but the natural appearance is wedged shaped.

The body of the Affenpinscher features a slightly arched neck with well set shoulders. They are level to the ground with an overall sturdy appearance. They have well defined legs with small feet. The tail is docked and carried high.

The Affenpinscher has a dense coat that feels rough. They may have longer hair on their face, chest, legs and stomach. They have a shaggy look to them and require frequent trimming. They may be black, tan, silver, red or gray in color. They may also be multi colored or have white patches or darker patches.

Coat Description

The Affenpinscher has a wiry coat. It is rough to the touch and can look a bit shaggy. It needs regular care so that it does not tangle or become too long. They have a beard and long eyebrows that add personality to their face. The fur on the legs, stomach and chest is usually left longer than the other fur on the body.


The Affenpinscher came from Germany in the 1600s. It was originally used as a hunting dog to catch rats. It is believed that originally the breed was larger and was bred smaller as the smaller size made better hunters for vermin and better companion dogs. This breed is often nicknamed the “mustached little devil” in France. The name, Affenpinscher actually means Monkey Terrier.


The Affenpinscher is very friendly. They thrive when they are able to be social and love people. They are not usually independent like most terrier breeds. Instead they like to be with someone verses being off on their own. They are still rather intelligent with things like solving problems and figuring things out. They are also very playful which can at times make for some great entertainment and at other times can lead to mischief.

The Affenpinscher can be protective and may react aggressively towards strange dogs. They are not only protective of their family, but also are quite protective of their personal belongings. Their possessive nature is a true terrier trait. They are well behaved over all and do best with children who have been taught not to tease the dog. They also do well with other animals as long as they are well socialized.

Training is quite easy with the Affenpinscher. They can get bored easily, though, training should be varied. They can learn complex tasks as well.

The Affenpinscher needs to be around people all the time or they can have problems since they do not like to be alone. They also love to travel, but they should be kept with care in extreme weather conditions since they do not do well in very cold or very hot weather.

Health Problems

The Affenpinscher is very healthy and usually has quite a long and productive life. However, as with any living thing there are always some health concerns of which to be aware. With the Affenpinscher you will want to watch out for patellar luxation, Legg-Perthe’s disease, and PDA, a heart condition. Usually good preventative care and choosing a good breeder will usually help to avoid major problems.


The Affenpinscher needs regular grooming. This includes keeping the wiry coat under control and free of tangles. They will need a good brushing every other day. The coat also needs cutting to keep it at a shorter length. The Affenpinscher will also need to plucked as well to look best. Bathing should be done as needed and a dry shampoo can be used in between bathing.


The Affenpinscher is active enough to require daily exercise. They do not need a large space for exercise, though. They can even get enough exercise inside if necessary. However, some outdoor time will do the dog well. They like to climb, which will become apparent and allowing them to have some exploration time can do them good. They should be watched around larger dogs, though, so they do not get hurt. They also love to chase, so they need to be well contained when outside.


The Affenpinscher is intelligent and need plenty of mental stimulation. They also need to be kept busy so they do not become bored. Training should be carried out at a good pace with plenty of different activities. They learn quickly and as long as training is consistent and done in a loving manner they will respond well to whatever they are taught.

They are playful and known to get into trouble so behavior training may be needed to help them listen well. They can be distracted and have focusing problems, which is important to keep in mind. During training they need to be focused as much as possible.

They can be hard to house train, so it must be done at an early age. Crate training works well for this breed. They like the outdoors, so getting them go outside should not be difficult.

They also need good socialization. It will help them to great new people and other animals with ease instead of becoming defensive. It can also help curb natural tendencies towards possessiveness.

To make training more interesting for the Affenpinscher it should be routinely mixed with play time. They will use up excess energy which will help make them more focused and less easily distracted.

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